Free Facebook Promotion 2021

Promotion on Facebook, today, is a key tool in Internet marketing not only for a personal profile but also for business development of any size. This is because the social network Facebook is gaining more and more popularity. The number of Facebook users is already 2 billion and if earlier this social platform was used more for formal and business communication, nowadays most, if not everybody has a Facebook profile, they communicate, spread information, read and share events with their friends and colleagues. At the same time, the Facebook audience is more serious in comparison with other social networks, like Instagram, they like to read and share events, so it can be used to promote your business.

In this article, we’ll look at the possible questions and difficulties that often arise on the road to free promotion.

But before we look at the possible options, let’s make sure you’ve done the right design of your page and are using the right content.


Another important step in Facebook design is the proper completion of the business profile. For a quality business profile, you need to take care of such components as:

Avatar – the face of the profile. Choose a colorful picture for it that reflects the essence of your business page, company logo, or your trademark.

Cover art. Cover art has a huge value because it takes a big part of the screen a potential customer is looking at, so it should have the maximum amount of unobtrusive but useful information that would help to determine at a glance what your business profile is useful for.

Create a colorful list of your services or write your business slogan on the cover. Make it bright and informative. An interesting Facebook tool is the ability to use video as a cover.

Description. You have 255 characters at your disposal to add information about the company/goods/services you’re promoting. You don’t need cliché phrases, use facts and write what makes you different and what you’re strong at.

Page Template. Facebook page templates mean essentially what you do, the essence of your business. They are also useful because each template has buttons and tabs selected by default to make it easy to manage your page. If you go into the page settings, and then into editing, you can select one of the suggested templates as:

  • Shopping
  • Company
  • Sites
  • Nonprofit
  • Policies
  • Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Videomaker
  • Standard

Choose the one that suits you best for promoting your business on Facebook.


Creating a business profile alone is not enough for successful and free promotion on Facebook. You need to publish something that will attract users, i.e. your customers. Now we’re talking about content, that is, publications that you will create. Content can be different. It can be text, images, video, text + picture, or text + video. You can also add a note, broadcast a Live, write a note, offer to view a product, create a survey, a promotion, a meeting, or an event.

In this article, we will consider everything that is directly related to your promotion and tell you what you can do to improve the promotion without investing any money.




And now let’s talk about the most important thing in the promotion of business on Facebook – its promotion, in other words, advertising. Facebook offers a lot of tools for promotion. Let’s consider each tool to promote business on Facebook separately:

  • The most important tool, which is great for free promotion of business on Facebook, because you can generate content yourself. Content can be different. The main thing here is that it should be informative and aimed at your target audience. In order for it to interact with the content, react to it, it must be interesting and relevant for it.
  • Invite your friends to like your page. The first thing Facebook will ask you to do after publishing your page is to invite your friends from your page, which is linked to your business profile, to “Like” and “Rate” your page. It works like this: you send such an invitation to your friends, they will get a notification and after they mark your profile as liked, they will see all your published content.
  • Facebook Widget. A very useful tool, especially if you have your own website – Facebook widget. It serves to attract the audience from external resources to your Facebook business profile. You need to insert the code of the widget, for example, on your site, choose the size and button to call to action. After setting, the site will display a small window showing a miniature of your business profile and a constantly updated feed with your posts.
  • Posting time. Don’t forget to keep track of your target audience’s activity and its time online. It is very important for promotion on Facebook. To ensure that your information simply does not remain unnoticed, you need to choose a time for publication, when it is your audience online. Mornings and not very late evenings are more appropriate for Facebook, because the users of this social network, for the most part, are people who are employed and do not have so much free time to be always “online”.
  • Surveys, giveaways, and marathons work well for promotion.They increase audience interaction with your page. Give your audience a chance to win something they’re looking for (maybe it’s your product) by re-posting, liking a post, or liking a page.
  • While setting up your Facebook business profile, link it to your Instagram business profile to save time. In this case, photos posted on Instagram are automatically posted to your Facebook page as well.
  • Guest posts. Valuable content for your target audience that you create, but it is published in another account with the condition for you or your business page to be mentioned as the author. It is better to mention the author at the beginning as well as at the end of the post.
  • These are labels by clicking on which you can find all the posts on the same topic. Choose a hashtag that is not taken and feel free to use it in all your posts to make sure that by clicking on it the user will see all your publications.

In addition to our recommendations, check your Facebook feed for inspiration. See which posts get the most reactions, and try similar ones in your area.

Bio: I am Regina Reed, an experienced persuasive essay writer. I hope the information was useful to you because everything I recommend is based on my own experience.