Concept Of On-Page SEO [Ultimate SEO Guide 2021]

People are following a lot of SEO techniques to rank their blogs in 2021. Where some of them are focusing on Off-Page SEO which directly refers to the backlinks, on the other hand, some of them focus on On-Page SEO first.

Because On-Page SEO is the pillar to build a long building. So, first of all, if you are a blogger or planning to start blogging. Then you must be very serious about On-Page SEO. Let me clear it in simple words. On-Page SEO starts with the first content you publish on your blog.

Whatever you are posting on your blog is all about On-Page SEO. The content you are writing, the images you share, even videos as well, all make a valuable and information webpage and indicate to Google that this webpage has some genuine information and it should be ranked on Search Result.

However, it needs some practice and of course, you should follow every single SEO Techniques to rank your blog at the top on Google. Well, if you don’t want to waste your time and just want to learn SEO directly then I would recommend you to join an institute, for that, you can join Webinsides, which is running the best Digital Marketing Course In Meerut.

Well, without waiting anymore let’s check out all the On-Page SEO techniques to rank your blog in 2021.

Concept Of On-Page SEO In 2021

Content Creation – This is the first thing you should make sure that you are doing perfectly. If not, then be ready to face a lot of issues even sometimes Google manual penalty as well. But the question is what is content creation.

So, it is as simple as that you are writing a post about a topic. Whatever the topic is, it should be explained very genuinely, you should cover the easy points of your topic and you should make sure that you are writing human readable content.

Write Long Content – Here is the most important point of On-Page SEO, you ought to be very specific, if you are writing a post then it should be long enough, at least longer than your competitor. So, first of all, you need to analyze your competitor, that is the main thing.

If you are good at analysis then well done, you are all set to beat the massive competition. All you need to make sure that you are covering all the points that your competitors are not focusing on. So, keep this point in your mind if you want to be a successful SEO expert.

Here I want to remind you one thing, if you want to learn everything under the guidance of experts, then you can join an online or offline course of Webinsides, and you will be learning everything under the guidance of expert bloggers and even digital marketing experts as well.

User Proper Keywords – Here comes the golden point, if you are doing all right, but not focusing on keywords, then trust me you are on the wrong path. This will ruin your hard work and you will have to suffer a lot with your Google Ranking.

Let me make it clear, suppose you are talking about Apple’s Product, and you are writing Apple, Apple, Apple many times. So, how will Google bots identify that you are talking about Apple Company, not the fruit.

For that, you should use some keywords, like Apple’s Technology is unmatchable. And you should indicate many times that you are talking about the iPhone manufacturer Apple, not the fruit, LOL! Here I want to add one more thing, make sure you are using long tail and short tail both the keywords.

Because sometimes short tail may have a massive competition but the long tail can be ranked very easily. And, you will surely get some traffic to your website, we all know Something is always better than nothing.

So, this is why you should make sure that you are using proper keywords in your content. And if you follow all these tips, then I am pretty sure you will be able o rank your blog on Google for sure in 2021. So, now practice these points on your own and enjoy!