6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Must for SAAS Business



Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is a complex industry, in terms of the product type it offers. Marketing these products demand innovation as the best practice. Digital Marketing practice can assist the SaaS industry by helping them roll out some of the grooviest marketing campaigns ever seen.

Of course, keeping the context in mind!

Marketers can take advantage of the present-day Digital Marketing strategies and can create impressive marketing campaigns to increase engagement with the brand, generate quality leads, and hence, grow revenue for the company. And there comes the utility of a SaaS Digital Marketing agency!

Fascinated enough to know more? Below is a crisp yet detailed list of reasons told by SaaS content marketing agency why digital marketing for SaaS businesses is as important as food and water for us!

Reasons why Digital Marketing is essential for SaaS businesses

  1. Offline marketing is not adequate to succeed in the business

Marketers need to understand that the age-old offline marketing strategies are not enough for the current market scenario, where the audiences are of varied nature, their needs and expectations are different, and they have multitudes of options available to them.

To walk neck to neck with the changing business landscape, they ought to adopt Digital Marketing for the SaaS business, which helps engage the audience, attract them to your company, differentiate your product/service, and finally convert the leads into a revenue stream.

  1. Digital Marketing metric – Unique visitors per month (A goldmine)

Unique visitors per month is a Digital Marketing metric which states the number of people who have visited your website. A person who visits your website multiple times would be counted as one visitor.

Though this metric does not indicate a holistic view of your business performance, it definitely depicts the performance of your marketing efforts as an important first milestone achievement. The top-of-the-funnel marketing effectiveness can be measured by the count of the unique visitor per month.

  1. Digital Marketing for increasing signups for your business

A lot of SaaS businesses offer lucrative services like a free trial or self-service. For those companies which do not have a free trial thing, or provide only self-service, Digital Marketing offers a metric named signups, to let you track the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

The number of people who have signed up for your content would depict the success of your marketing strategies. The signups trajectory can be directed upwards by creating relevant and quality content, not just product promotional content, but also educational and engaging.

  1. Digital marketing metric – Cost per acquisition works wonders

The total cost of acquiring one customer is what cost per acquisition means, in a nutshell. If this cost exceeds the revenue that the customer would bring in, then this poses an alert for you. You would have to relook how to keep the cost per acquisition lower than the revenue coming in, for your SaaS business to be profitable.

Digital Marketing offers this metric for a fruitful SaaS marketing plan.

  1. Influencer marketing as a part of Digital Marketing is beneficial

Influencers are people who have a decent fan following on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Partnering with them gives you the traction that your SaaS business deserves, which would not be possible with traditional offline marketing strategies.

Look out for a paid influencer, with an experience marketing brands like yours, and see your business soar high.

  1. Email campaigns concept of Digital Marketing is crucial

To display your SaaS businesses’ value proposition to the target audience, educate them, inform them about upcoming events, or following up with the prospects,etc, that’s what can be achieved by properly targeted email marketing campaigns, which is an essential component of Digital Marketing.

Wrapping Up

In case you are new to SaaS business or otherwise, ensure you don’t make the mistake of not employing Digital Marketing strategies for your SaaS business. It offers measurable outcomes and analysis not offered by the traditional marketing methods.

Also, if you don’t have that expertise in-house, you can always look out for an experienced and result oriented SaaS Digital Marketing Agency like us. We, at Fractional CMO, help you devise a flawless full-stack Digital Marketing strategy, which is driven by data, and not just guesswork!