6 People You Need On a Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When you have a company, a marketing team is essential. The size of your group may vary, depending on the size of your business. However, particular roles can make your team more successful and effective. An effective team has a few key positions that can help make your advertising and marketing strategy effective. Here are the six people you need on a digital marketing team.

1. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is necessary to show up in search engines. An SEO specialist can help your website be the first thing people see when searching. This person can create a strategy to increase your reach and gain more customers. They can manage your Google analytics, implement keyword strategies, and ensure that alt text and metadata are correct. They can also ensure that your content will perform well in search engines. Finding a person that is best suited for the role can be challenging, as is with hiring for any job. To help make the process easier, an executive job search firm can assist you with your needs.

2. Marketing Strategist

This person can create a marketing strategy that reaches your current and potential audience. A compelling marketing strategist will understand how to make a user journey and a keyword strategy. They can also establish some key performance indicators. Having someone who understands how to look at a plan from a marketing perspective is essential to reaching customers and hitting your goals. A marketing strategist can lead the rest of the team by creating a plan.

3. Content Writer

A content writer can create blog posts, web content, emails, and eBooks, among other written material. They can also make a content marketing plan. A content writer is necessary to have a solid marketing team. Your audience wants content that is interesting, relevant, and helpful. Content should either entertain or inform them. Depending on your brand, one or the other may be more suitable for your business. You can also mix both; however, ensure that your posts are on-brand.

4. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer can create illustrations and graphics for your marketing collateral. They can help with the design of your website, email graphics, and display ads. Images and collateral can make your company look dated or unprofessional. When customers see your marketing materials and website, they should see a cohesive, clean design. A graphic designer can design your brand as well. They can create a brand identity that suits your needs and goals. Your brand can also send the message you want to your audience.

5. Social Media Specialist

A cohesive social media strategy is essential to a complete digital marketing strategy. A dedicated social media specialist can create social posts, build a presence on social media, and promote your brand on social platforms. They can also engage with followers and connect with social media influencers. They can tell their audience about your product or service and help get some new customers. Influencers can be large or small, but they should have an engaged audience.

6. PPC Manager

If you plan on doing any paid advertising, someone that knows about pay-per-click advertising is necessary. Paid search can be complicated, so a professional is essential when adding on PPC marketing. The person in this position can figure out your target audience, create campaign goals, monitor the campaigns, and create advertising copy.

A well-built digital marketing team is necessary for any business. Determine what goals you are trying to reach, and research which job roles are the best fit for your new group. If you have a digital marketing team, your business can reach new heights and gain more customers.