Marketing has changed since the pandemic, with many businesses resorting to using social media as the premium way to market their business. As people spend increasing amounts of time on their phones, social media gains more users and generates more revenue. Instagram reels are a fairly new feature and people have already started to use them in marketing. Reels can increase reach on Instagram and also provide more engagement on Instagram. With audio effects, filters, and other tools to enhance those 15 to 30-second clippings, people all over the globe have embraced the new feature closely.

In this article, let us give you a few pointers on how you can use Instagram reels for marketing and make a good business out of it as an influencer. You will surely improve your game if you take the advice to heart and make changes according to it.


Get familiar with all the tools at your disposal. Don’t go on creating randomly without knowing the tools are available to you as you might be wasting your time and effort. While creating a reel is easy, you will find out that creating an entertaining reel, loaded with great content is not. It isn’t easy to bring valuable content in a span of a few seconds. Use built-in tools that can give the reel a professional look and add value to your content. You can also look at other reels for inspiration. Start analyzing the reels created by others to see how they promote branded content easily and work on your style.


Despite lasting a few seconds only, reels can take hours of work. So it helps if you have a content schedule in place. Posting consistently can increase reach on Instagram and build a level of trust with your audience. Make sure that clear links of the brand and their message is provided to the viewers. You can even strategize with the brand you are collaborating with to make sure that your reel is up to the level of their satisfaction. Like any marketing strategy, consistent content makes an impression while sporadic content is forgotten soon enough. Of course, you must not seem pushy and the marketing content must be in theme with your usual content which will get more engagement on Instagram.


When a brand wishes to market their product on reels, they do not want a product-centric video clip. That will seem like just another ad and won’t capture the interest of the viewers. Use the extra tools you get on reels, to edit the content in a way that gives viewers something beyond the product you wish to market. This is not an easy task as reels are only for a few seconds and you have to place the product and at the same time be creative. But eventually, when you see others doing it successfully you will be inspired by your ideas. Use the effects and filters to capture the attention of the Instagram audience and get more engagement on Instagram.


If you already have the content you uploaded on TikTok why not go ahead and use them for reels? No one would fault you for uploading the content you have on a different platform. As content creation is not an easy task, you should utilize the work you have done to its utmost. Save your time by planning your strategy smartly. A lot of people can work hard, but smart work is what makes your lifestyle easy. TikTok has created a ripple effect where the trends of that platform are being carried over to reels or IGTV. So even if the content was previously on TikTok, it can be said for sure that it will find some fans on Instagram easily too.


By creating or participating in challenges you are creating a wave in which both the influencers and audience is caught up. Brands use this strategy to get the word out about them and increase reach on Instagram. When brands and influencers collaborate, it is a mutually beneficial relationship where the brand can tap into the influencer’s audience and the influencer can gain more exposure. In challenges, brands can use their products to prepare something and ask others to make their version of it. This not only promotes the sale of products but also increases brand awareness and provides more engagement on Instagram with an audience.


The audience loves creativity with content, so reels are a good way for you to experiment as to what works for you. To increase reach on Instagram, reels can be used even for humor which is a great way to market yourself. Short-form videos are easily consumed due to the time crunch in people’s lives and also because they are very effective in entertaining people or getting their point across. Due to endless scrolling, it keeps the users stuck to the screen which gets you more engagement on Instagram. All in all, it is a terrific business strategy to market something through reels.

We hope to have helped you out a bit in getting clarity about how you can create reels for marketing something and will take the helpful tips above to improve your social presence.