4 Benefits of Using Animated HTML5 Ads in Your Advertising Campaigns

Benefits of Using Animated HTML5 Ads in Your Advertising Campaigns

Benefits of Using Animated HTML5 Ads in Your Advertising Campaigns

As a modern-day brand, you probably want to make the most of your marketing efforts to ensure you deliver high-quality ads that appeal to your customer base. With huge competition in the market, it is these ads that allow you to stand out and leave a lasting impression. By using better composition, color-grading, and the perfect text-to-image ratio, you can deliver high-impact ads to increase sales.

However, most people are still using GIFs or static formats to deliver these ads. After such careful production and designing, why waste away your efforts and downgrade like this? You need HTML5 ads to truly elevate your advertising campaigns and enhance engagements.

Why Try Out HTML5?

Are you trying to increase sales by offering your target audience personalized ads that transform based on your customers’ geo-location and buying patterns? If not, you definitely should be! Personalized ads are the way to the future (and the present!) They allow you to offer the audience a more enhanced customer journey through your website which makes them 91% more likely to shop with you. That’s the ideal final goal, right?

Now, how can you personalize your ads to such an extent? The answer is quite simple; by using HTML5  banner ads! These ads use code-based language to customize the buyer experience and provide smooth, complex graphics without hefty file sizes. Gone are the days of slow, jerky GIFs and static ads that did little to bring in customers. Now, we use HTML5 ads created by an expert digital media company to ensure a higher ROI and increased engagement.

Benefits of Using Animated HTML5 Ads

1. Enables You to Tell Your Story

In this age of modern technology, branding is vital to your business growth and popularity. Animated HTML5 display ads give you the power to engage your audience through different media tools like HTML5 flipbooks, video, audio, and animation.. These ads can be used to create a successful and driven sales funnel that tells your story and allows you to stand out from all competitors.

2. Allows You to Optimize Performance

Data is king. We’re sure you have heard this sentence repeatedly as you plan out your digital marketing strategies. But the thing is, this really is a fact. Data definitely is king, but you also need to use it in an optimized way to truly benefit from it.

Data optimization allows you to offer customers an experience they will never forget. This naturally increases your sales and ensures a healthier ROI. With HTML5 ads, you can measure your ROI in more ways than just clicks. Since HTML5 ads capture data, you no longer need to depend only on CTR to see if your marketing efforts are succeeding.

HTML5 ads have many elements that encourage customer engagement. This offers your marketing team more room to test, optimize and tweak for the best results possible. They can look into interaction rates, mouse-overs, engagement graphs, and even video plays (and how many reach completion) to determine what is working for your target audience and how it can be further optimized.

3. Smaller File Size

Even with its numerous benefits, an HTML5 ad comes at a smaller file size than other forms of dynamic advertisement and rich media ads. Take GIFs, for example; to put them in motion; each pixel is re-rendered during playtime. With each frame being over 70kB, the total file size usually ends up being quite hefty and loads slow.

With HTML5 ads, any animation done will only change one part of the complete file. Think of it as a single dynamic layer while the rest of the ad remains static. This allows HTML5 ads to have smaller file sizes and be more popular among advertisers .

4. Dynamic Ads that Drive Engagement

The best part about using HTML5 banner ads is that they are dynamic and instantly drive engagement. Unlike static ads that often fail to catch attention or motivate people enough to click through, HTML5 ads automatically change and adapt to the audience. This gives them the power to personalize the customer’s experience, allowing them to form a deeper connection with the visuals and engage with your brand for longer.

Just imagine how much your company can benefit when your ads are structured to change and evolve based on geographic locations, behavioral data, browsing history, and customized promotions. All of these elements come together in HTML5 ads to increase the relevance of your advertisement so people will be more inclined to make a desired action.

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