Actionable Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Online Customer Support

customer support

customer support

In an increasingly competitive business environment, standing out is becoming increasingly difficult. Sure, having a revolutionary product or service is a great differentiator. However, if it isn’t backed by an equally brilliant customer experience, your success may well be short lived.

The numbers back this notion. While only 36% of companies were competing on the basis of customer experience back in 2010, that number has gone up to over 66%!

Most businesses think diligently about the customer experience that leads to a sale. Basically, the part where you convert leads into prospects. However, many businesses fail to give the due attention to the post sale experience.

Customer support makes for a huge part of the post sale experience. A positive support experience can easily become the reason a customer chooses to stick to your company or product. Aceyus call center analytics software provides real-time data on customer service performance.

In an increasingly online world, here’s how you can improve the quality of the online customer support provided by your business:

Train Your Customers

Most businesses take the training of their customer support staff very seriously. After all, these are the people representing your business in front of the folks that help keep the lights on.

However, if you are getting a lot of customer support requests, you may also want to think about training your customers. Usually, customer training is a standard offering with complex products such as SaaS products.

With customer training, you will be able to help your customers achieve success with your products, help them use it the way it is meant to be used. In other words, customer training will enable your customers to actually enjoy the benefits of your product. 

THe best part is, providing customer training super affordable and accessible with the right elearning tools. For instance, you can use web conferencing to deliver personalised training sessions to each customer that purchased your product.

This way, you will be able to reduce the number of support requests you get. This will in turn provide your business with dual benefits:

  • Customer experience with your product will improve.
  • Your support executives will have more time to deal with customers that face complex problems. This will further improve your customers’ experience with your support team.

Create A Online Customer Support Resource

Another way to improve the support experience is to reduce the need for customers to contact your support centers and wait to get the support they require.

One of the most efficient ways to do this is to create an information resource on your website. Fill this resource with answers to the most common questions that your customers contact you about.

Once again, your customers will enjoy autonomy while looking for the answers they need and your support team will not have to waste time responding to basic support queries.

Make Support Available On Social Media

Customer support on social media is becoming an increasingly common practice, especially among businesses that want to portray and maintain a ‘young’ brand image. 

Even if you ignore the brand image aspect, providing support on social media is a cost effective way to make support more accessible for your customers.

Moreover, when you resolve customer grievances after they have contacted you on a social media platform, you show their followers and your followers that your support team is prompt with responding to customer queries.


Paying attention to improving the online support experience by making support more accessible can turn out to be the differentiator you need to stand out from the competition in your industry. We hope that these tips will help you start moving in the right direction.