What are the advantages of Solar Street Lights?

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

Rapid climate changes and ever increasing energy prices force us to look for new solutions – alternatives to electricity from the grid. Solar street lights, which obtain energy from the sun, have recently become very popular. What is their phenomenon?

Perhaps for everyone, the concept of solar power is no longer strange, it has almost become an indispensable part of daily life. Solar power is used from a huge energy source from nature, contributing significantly to saving a monthly electricity cost while protecting the surrounding living environment.

The principle of operation of the system: When the solar radiation hits the solar panel, it will convert the light energy into electricity, then the current will be sent to the controller. This device will charge energy into the battery to store electricity when it is dark, raining… This power will continue to be used to light up in the evening and at night.

Construction of the solar street light

– Solar battery: monocrystalline solar cell, the efficiency of which is the highest under today’s conditions.

– LED light head: it is made using high-tech LEDs and is continuously developed thanks to the latest technology. There is no UV or infrared radiation (the light head does not cause eye damage and does not attract the insects). Loom Solar products have an aesthetic shape and a serene style.

– Pillar of the solar street lamp: sturdy construction made of forged steel with fine, deep-drawn transitions. The surface is galvanized and powder coated. The bending of the arches is carried out with precision machines. The column is anchored in a concrete steel body with closed screw nuts.

– Charge controller: It was developed in India and has the highest efficiency in the world. It controls and optimizes the charging of the accumulator and thus extends its service life.

– The lantern switches on automatically when it gets dark.

– Accumulator: Special solar accumulator made with maintenance-free gel technology. It will be placed in the ground next to the concrete foundation of the solar street lamp. The accumulator box is water- and explosion-proof and insensitive to groundwater and floods.

Thanks to its simple structure, it can be set up anywhere. Another benefit is that it is inexpensive. The use of the accumulator is particularly recommended in areas with a lack of infrastructure.

– Since the solar lantern does not require mains electricity, the consumption of fossil fuels can be reduced and CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Why choose Loom Solar Street Lights?

Loom Solar systems are not powered by expensive electricity. Photovoltaic cells and efficient batteries allow the lamps to shine bright light for a long time. As we have already written, Loom Solar street lights do not require mains wiring, so they are a good solution in places where it is impossible to run electrical cables. The installation of the lamps is not difficult, it does not require a few days of connecting. The Loom Solar Street Lights may light immediately. Energy obtained from photovoltaic panels is classified as RES, i.e. renewable energy sources. This fact is not without significance for people who care about the environment and are pro-ecological.