Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Auditory Professional Services Business 

Grow Business 

Grow Business 

Statistics show that hearing loss is on the rise, and not just among the old as you may think, but across all demographics really.  Hearing aids are a great solution for hearing loss, and there are hearing aids for all age. If you are audiology services, you have an opportunity to become a Phonak provider and bring top-rated hearing aid solutions to your clients.

Sadly, as it is, not many people who should be wearing hearing aids actually wear them.  One of the biggest barriers is the common misconception that hearing aids are only for the only and many worry about wearing their aids in public will make them look.

The good news is that with some strategy and a great marketing plan,you can overcome this and other barriers, to keep your sales curve on the steady up and up. Here are some helpful tips to help you with just that

  1. Increase Awareness on the Impact of Hearing Loss and Overall Health

There is research linking hearing loss to dementia, depression and other mental health concerns.  This is information that not enough people have, which is why you will find that many people can stay for years, putting off wearing aids.

If you want to grow your sales and grow your practice,  focus on creating awareness around this particular subject. Let potential clients know that putting of wearing hearing aids will do more than just deteriorate their hearing further. The impact on mental health, however gradual, is unmistakable and everyone with hearing loss will do well to start wearing the hearing aids early and protect their mental health in the long-term.

While you are at it, stick to independent sources when looking for information to support your awareness campaign.  Your clients will rightly be skeptical about information provided by hearing aid manufacturers.

Great information resources include independent research-based statistics, news posts on hearing loss, and of course, a factsheet from independent organizations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO.) in such sources is an unbiased representation of the facts. It is these facts that will convince potential clients on why they need to start wearing hearing aids as soon as possible to manage their hearing loss.

  1. Sell Your Offerings

Do you product offerings match your clients’ needs? Patients with hearing loss are always on the lookout for hearing aids that can deliver excellent sound quality. They are also looking for hearing aids with multifunctionality capabilities, and which can easily be personalized for an even better hearing experience.

Keep the best products in the market, with these and other features and your products will do more than sell themselves. People are looking to get value for their money, and if your products can add that value, then rest assured that they’ll easily sell.

  1. Marketing at Events

Apart from direct advertising, your marketing plan will benefit greatly from public relations activities. Think of attending health fairs, and programs organized around better hearing and speech , as well as presentations for civic groups.

All these activities present a great platform for you to spread awareness on the need for hearing aids, and to promote your product offerings.  Your products and services will have more visibility during these events and activities.

  1. Leverage Referrals

The customer will remain to be king. The customer experience you deliver to your customers, and the word of mouth that will come after this experience can have a profound impact on the success of your business or practice.

Do your best to provide a better-than-average experience every time. A satisfied customer will be more than happy to make a referral. You can provide an incentive and make the deal a little sweeter on your customers by giving them something in return for the referral. It could be a discount on future purchases, a free hearing consultation,  an extension on their warranty or any other incentive, as part of your referrals program.

  1. Stay Social

A blog is a great way to increase awareness and promote your product offerings. But the reality is that most people today prefer content that’s a little more skimmable. Enter social media and you have the perfect platform to share easy-to-consume information with your target market.

Stay active on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Engage with your followers, and you can update your pages as much as possible with new product offerings as well as informational posts. You should also make it easy for visitors of your social pages to say, book an appointment, or even buy the hearing aids they’d like. Have a responsive and friendly customer support team to respond professionally and in a timely manner to any queries raised.

The market for hearing aids and professional auditory services is definitely there. With the right marketing plan, you can certainly look forward to growing your business.