SoftBCom in CCW 2023

SoftBCom in CCW 2023

SoftBCom in CCW 2023

CCW 2023, the International Conference and Trade Show for innovative customer dialogue, was held in February 2023 in Berlin. The CCW was focused on customer experience and contact center solutions. It brought together top-ranking vendors and industry experts from around the world, as well as many local contact centers to showcase their latest innovations in customer service. The attendees were provided a unique platform for networking with other professionals in the industry.

Most renowned companies in the industry were participating in the event, including SoftBCom. As a provider of customer experience solutions, SoftBCom was excited to reveal the latest versions at the CCW trade show. Attendees had a great chance to learn more about all the latest technology in the contact center and customer support industry, and had an opportunity to discuss how SoftBCom’s products could be implemented in certain use cases.

One of the new offers was SoftBCom’s WFM Cloud solution for contact centers, designed to make workforce planning and scheduling much easier. It employs several cutting-edge approaches. The WFM tool allows precise planning of contact centers’ expected load, and that is where the Active Agent comes into play. Using it, contact centers’ staffers set their own schedule preferences, seek and apply changes and effectively lay down the work plan within the given rules. AI-powered automation then brings it all together into a ready to use work plan.

SoftBCom’s Contact Center is an industry-strength omnichannel solution that allows inbound, outbound and blended modes of work, which can be organized via softphone or webphone. Client servicing demands a profound set of modules, and SoftBCom’s solution comes complete with all of them: IP-PBX, ACD, IVR, recording, scripting, monitoring, statistics and reporting, as well as quality assurance.

The next step of user experience improvement is the introduction of speech and text bots, that may be blended in seamlessly and greatly improve the quality and speed of request categorization. It is of utmost importance that a customer is connected with an expert with exactly the necessary set of skills, who would be best able to solve the request. That is achieved with the AI modules.

SoftBCom’s Service Desk allows to set business processes, be it an informational backbone within a company or a help desk for customer servicing. Put together into an all-in-one solution with SoftBCom’s Contact Center, it greatly improves the scope of multi-step process servicing, widening customers’s BPO horizons.

Ultimately, SoftBCom’s contact center solutions are designed to give customers the best experience possible. It is important to mention that all solutions are highly customizable and are tailored to fit specific needs of a contact center or any other customer.

About SoftbCom

SoftBCom is a leading provider of customer experience solutions for contact centers. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they have developed innovative solutions to help improve customer service. Their expertise lies in workforce management, contact center operations, and customer experience management. SoftBCom offers a range of products and services tailored to the needs of each customer – aiming to optimize customer experience operations and provide the highest quality service.