How To Promote Happiness Through Product Branding



With the world slowly recovering from the pandemic and uncertainty, a boost of happiness is exactly what everyone needs. Moreover, happiness is an effective branding accessory that many marketing heads use to promote their services and products and boost business productivity.

Happiness, as you might already know, is contagious. It also sparks creativity and innovative thinking. Hence, when a brand uses advertisements that associate itself and its offerings with happiness and positivity, people become more drawn to it. In the last six months, many brands from various industries, including apparel, automobile, manufacturing, corporate, and education, have embraced the idea of happy branding.

In fact, if you open a random magazine or your social media handle, you will find that the brands are in love with the word happiness. You will find taglines or messages that include something like “delivering happiness,” “gifting happiness,” happiness calling,” and more.

That brings us to the question, how can you make your branding and marketing campaigns overflow with happiness?

Being a Part

A study conducted by Signa in 2018 found that nearly half of Americans feel lonely. While this fact might be surprising to many, people are craving to be a part of a community now more than ever. This is a great way for businesses to promote happiness and associate their brand with positivity. Thanks to the several social media platforms and forums available on the Internet, building a community now is far easier.

When you help your customers feel part of a like-minded group, you indirectly make them feel less lonely and more included. You offer them a chance to interact with others, exchange views, and indulge in things that interests them. Such customers will become more loyal in the long run and will be your brand advocates, leading to improved purchase intentions.

Apple portrays a great example of community building. Once customers purchase any product from Apple, they automatically become part of the Apple community. They vouch for the brand to their connections and rarely buy products from rival brands. So, if you are a marketing manager, it is high time you start investing in brand communities to engage customers and build and maintain their happiness and loyalty.



Experiences Bring Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness. However, it can buy experiences that lead to happiness. Just like a community, branding experiences matter when it comes to making your consumers feel happy.

Brand experiences are the sum of all the feelings, sensations, thoughts, and reactions an individual develops in response to a brand. A bad brand experience can lead to customer disappointment, whereas a unique and memorable experience can leave a lasting impression.

With the shift to online shopping due to the pandemic, the digital world has become the main environment where customers interact with a brand. In 2021, online sales increased by 50.5 percent more than in 2019.

So, to be a happy brand in the present world, you should work with a digital creative agency in NYC to create positive branding experiences, one your customers can talk to their friends about. Meaning you will have to give digital interactions the same vibe as in-person experiences. A great example is how Dollar Shave Club turned buying razors into a personality-packed journey.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology studies strengths that empower people and communities to succeed. The concept is built on the belief that people prefer leading meaningful lives that helps them become a better version of themselves, thereby enhancing the various aspects of their lives, like love, work, play, etc.

Regarding marketing, positive psychology means focusing on your customers’ strengths rather than their insecurities. You should motivate your audience to use their strength to seek the meaning of life. In other words, help them do more than just survive in the world; show them how they can thrive. Move beyond the realm of correcting mistakes or disorders and helping your people be their best version.

A Brand That Promotes Happiness

Happiness is often linked to playful, happy, trustworthy, optimistic, and generous brands. While you can’t be all of it, choose the ones that align the most with your industry and services.

For instance, if you are an apparel brand, you can make your advertisements more fun and playful. However, a business that operates in the healthcare industry might want to stick with being optimistic and trustworthy. So, choose your favorite ways to spread happiness, and reposition your brand in the market based on those factors.