How To Promote Disability-Inclusion In Your Business

A study by Disability: IN found that between 2015 and 2018, companies that employed individuals with disabilities saw profits and revenue increase by 30% and 28% respectively, according to Employee Benefit News. In addition to improving profits and increasing revenue, hiring people living with disabilities has numerous benefits. It creates diversity in your company’s culture and boosts motivation among employees. Employers also enjoy decreased turnover rates and tax incentives like disabled access credit and work opportunity tax credit. Moreover, creating and running a small business inclusive of employees with disabilities right away can save your company expenses in the future. Making your premises accessible and providing disability inclusion training when setting up business saves time and money. If you’re looking to create an all-inclusivity company, here’s how to promote disability-inclusion in your business. 

Provide Diversity Training 

Providing diversity training to all your staff is a critical step to ensuring your business promotes disability inclusion. Ensure all managers in your company can engage in open discussions regarding inclusivity. They should also initiate talks about possible adjustments to support employees with limited mobility and other disabilities. Also, commit time to train your staff about different types of disabilities and the rights of individuals with disabilities. This move empowers managers and employees to collaborate efficiently with different teams regardless of their capabilities. 

Reinforce Equity When Hiring

As an employer, you have to ensure your recruiting and hiring team have the right equipment and resources to identify and hire the best talent. During the recruitment process, reinforce equity among all potential candidates, even those living with a disability. You should also get creative when it comes to assessments. Instead of setting formal job interviews that turn out to be stressful, prepare for casual meetings.   

Create Employee Disability Networks 

Besides attending diversity events, strive to create disability networks within your business organization. Disability groups offer many benefits like raising awareness about the challenges people living with disabilities face. According to the CP Family Network, connecting with others and sharing what works, makes the entire team stronger. When employees with disabilities have access to a support group, they can ask for advice from other group members who have had similar experiences. They will also have room to communicate their concerns to find solutions and build their skills.  

Make Adjustments Where Needed 

Getting rid of physical barriers is one of the best ways to make your business accessible so that workers with disabilities don’t feel discriminated against. This involves building parking lots with space reserved for individuals living with disabilities. You should also install doorways and entrances, and leave ample space to allow easy access for wheelchairs. It is also wise to provide assistive technology and special equipment, offer flexible work hours, and allow remote working. 

Setting up a business that supports disability-inclusion shouldn’t be difficult. Consider educating employees about diversity and make changes to accommodate those with disabilities. Also, create support networks in the workspace and reinforce equality for all employees irrespective of their abilities.