How To Become A Better Manager

How To Become A Better ManagerĀ 

How To Become A Better ManagerĀ 

Management is a tough role that does not come naturally to everyone. Knowing how to manage a team, guide the business to success and excel in a role as a manager is not easy, but you should know that there are always ways to improve. Whether you are just about to take on your first managerial role or you have plenty of experience under your belt but simply want to improve, this post will suggest a few of the best ways that managers can improve their abilities. Hopefully, this will help you to improve your performance, get the most out of your team and take the business forward.

Get To Know Your Team

Half the battle in management is knowing your team inside out. You could know all about developing strategy and project management, but if you have no clue about your team members, then you will always find it hard. You need to get to know each individual team member so that you can match the task to skill, find the best ways to keep individuals motivated, and improve each team member. It is also helpful to develop positive relationships over time so that you can create team unity.

Encourage Idea Sharing

Following on from this, you should also encourage your team to come forward with ideas, questions, concerns, and general feedback. Listening skills are incredibly valuable as a manager but often overlooked, so you should focus on those around you and take everything that you hear on board when making any kind of managerial decision. In addition to bringing new ideas and viewpoints to the table, this also helps your team to feel valued.

Attend Project Management Events

Project management is a vital skill to have but one that can be hard to master. Many managers find that attending project management events is a brilliant way to learn, develop new skills and engage with other managers and business leaders. The PM72 Summit: 72-hour Project Management Event Raising Funds for Malala Fund from the 13th to the 16th of June could be the perfect event with talks and discussion panels from experts in the field that will offer insight and help you to improve your project management abilities.

Learn From Your Mistakes

As a manager, it is vital that you are willing to take risks. You need to be decisive to excel in this role, but this does mean that sometimes mistakes will be made, and you need to be able to accept the consequences. The key to this is turning mistakes into the chance to learn and improve for next time. They say that failure is the greatest teacher, so you should not let a setback knock your confidence and instead spend time reflecting without dwelling on the mistake so that you will make the right call the next time.

Being a manager is tough, but these tips should help you to improve your performance, get the most out of your team and achieve higher levels of success.