How Do Businesses Hire International Remote Employees?



As the world becomes more familiar with remote work, the barriers between employers and worldwide talent are minimal than ever. That is good news for businesses – there has never been a perfect time to create a global team than today. The benefits of worldwide workforces are numerous and incredible.

A culturally diverse workforce offers untold value with new ideas, insights, and energy. Also, remote employees tend to be more productive, sustainable and inclusive than their office-bound equivalents.

Businesses that have unlocked the global hiring power have access to a diverse talent pool, and their workers can easily relocate without leaving their companies. While businesses can enjoy all these benefits, hiring global workers can be challenging and risky if you aren’t familiar with the following local things:

  • The payroll system
  • Taxes
  • Employee benefits
  • Compliance

This detailed guide was crafted to help you understand how to hire employees in Colombia with an EOR, which is the easiest and quickest way to tap into great global talent. Keep scrolling the page down as you go through the following sections keenly to discover more.

Moreover, you need to establish the local entity in the target country to hire internationally. The alternative approach is to partner with a EOR service provider. That is a company hiring specialists for you in foreign locations.

How to Legally Hire Employees Globally

When businesses decide to hire international remote employees, they open up a whole new world of opportunities. Offshore teams offer advantages like cost savings, access to a global talent pool, and around-the-clock productivity.

Several ways are available to use when it comes to hiring global talent. They include the following:

  • Contractor Agreements: Businesses can draft sovereign contractor agreements. While this technique seems cheaper, it comes with a misclassification risk and doesn’t grant worker status to the new hire.
  • Creating a Local Entity: A more complicated and time-consuming technique involves establishing a local entity. Establishing a physical business entity is costly, takes between ten weeks and eighteen months, and comes with multiple complexities. Businesses opting for this route need to comply with local labour laws and regulations.
  • Using an EOR: A popular and stress-free route is to use a top-rated employer of record (EOR) company. An employer of record is a third-party organisation that functions as a link between global talent and businesses. Using a reliable employer of record service provider makes the entire hiring process seamless and compliant.

Why an Employer of Record Makes Hiring International Talent Easier

Since you’re tapping into a new talent market, you need a third-party organisation that is familiar with the employment rules and regulations. In this case, an EOR company is an ideal option since it already has good local knowledge concerning rules and regulations, as well as the talent pool. That means an EOR service provider will be adept at recognising the right candidates during the hiring process.

Also, the provider is in an excellent position to know how to negotiate relevant regulations to recruit and onboard workers within the shortest possible time and ensure everything is done according to the law. In addition, an EOR company will be able to offer contracts for the workers hired on your company’s behalf in complete compliance with the local labour rules and regulations.

An employer of record also guarantees that all statutory obligations are upheld, including the following:

  • Bonuses and benefits
  • Maximum working hours
  • Vacation time

For any company looking to hire international workers but uncertain where to start and do so, an employer of record will be able to help. A top-rated EOR company will offer much-needed advice on excellent locations to pick based on time zones, costs and the ability of the talent pool to fit the roles required perfectly.

An EOR also acts as a foundation for making deeper commitments to certain markets, enabling team members to be put in place prior to establishing an entity. This provides businesses with the chance to understand a marketer better prior to committing to establishing themselves.

What’s the Quickest and Easiest Way to Hire Great Talent Globally?

Keep in mind that the quickest and easiest way to hire great talent from anywhere in the world is to partner with a trustworthy and reliable employer of record service provider. With an EOR company, you are sure to have a seamless and compliant international talent hiring process.