How COVID-19 Has Changed Offices Forever

With offices starting to re-open around the global, there has been an increase in preventative measures implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19 and germs in general. When you walk back into the office you shouldn’t be surprised to see it set up a bit different and with some extra amenities installed because of this. If you’re a office manager in Perth you’ve probably been searching for hand sanitiser Perth, if there’s any left, and social distancing decals to set up around the office.

What do you need to know about setting up the office during this time? Or what do you need to look for when heading back into the office? 

To start with, using hand sanitiser and the washing of hands needs to be encourage by the workplace. Communication should be open and consistent with this message and signage should be placed in key areas of the office. Additionally, you need to make it easily accessible for all employees. Having hand sanitiser stations set up at the entrances and exits will encourage use where there is no bathroom or sink to wash hands. Furthermore, stations should be set up in any area with the high chance of contact, including meeting rooms or lunchrooms.

The spread of the virus can only occur with we come in contact with an infected person. Social or physical distancing measures need to be put in place, on the off chance an employee is infected without knowing and continues to work in the office. Being 1.5metres apart at all times is a fairly easy rule to follow but there are a few things you can do before the office reopens. To start with the office layout may need to change to accommodate the 1.5metre rule, so do a quick shuffle to ensure this. Moreover, you can place markers and stickers 1.5metres apart in areas where ques or lines will form to inform works on the appropriate distance.