Ground Support Running Gear: Revolutionizing Military Logistics

Ground Support Running Gear: Revolutionizing Military Logistics

Ground Support Running Gear: Revolutionizing Military Logistics

Efficient logistics is paramount in military operations, serving as the backbone for successful missions and maneuvers. This efficiency dictates the difference between mission success and unforeseen challenges.

The emergence of ground support running gears is central to this evolution in military logistics. But what is running gear, and why is it becoming an indispensable tool in the military arsenal?

What Will You Learn?

As we delve deeper into this article, we’ll shed light on the intricate details of running gears, including the pivotal role of banjo mount running gear and the unsung contribution of industrial casters.

By the end, you’ll comprehensively understand these gears and their transformative impact on contemporary military logistics.

Understanding the Basics: What is Running Gear?

Running gear, at its core, is mechanical equipment tailored to move and steer static objects with efficiency and safety. It’s a technological marvel designed to adapt to diverse trailer configurations and load capacities. Meeting the exact standards of military specifications it’s a testament to advanced engineering dedicated to seamless functionality.

A closer look reveals the pivotal qualities that set running gear apart. Adaptability stands at the forefront, catering to diverse trailer configurations and load capacities. The running gear trailer design emphasizes a low profile, crucial for aircraft storage where every inch counts.

Furthermore, its design is a testament to practicality, boasting simplicity in both installation and maintenance. Interchangeable parts ensure reduced spare requirements and streamlined logistical support, enhancing efficiency.

By ensuring adaptability and streamlined design, ground support running gears optimize logistical support, providing ease of maneuverability and optimized space utilization, essential under the wings of military aircraft. The industrial casters embedded within these systems further amplify their efficacy, ensuring the durable and smooth transition of military apparatus.

Banjo Mount Running Gear: Precision and Efficiency Combined

Banjo mount running gear emerges as a testament to innovation, precisely designed to elevate mobility dynamics. Eliminating the need for a through axle, its design redefines flexibility, introducing a distinctive mounting approach that shifts the traditional weight distribution paradigm. Cradling the load between individual wheel units ensures a lower center of gravity, pivotal in military logistics.

Technical Features of the Banjo Mount Design:

Constructed around a wheel mounted on a stub axle paired with a shock absorption unit, this gear can be seamlessly bolted to the side of ground service equipment. When faced with an obstruction, the radial arm mounting ensures the wheel’s reaction is upward and backward, aligning with the force applied. This minimal shock transmission makes it particularly adept for transporting delicate payloads.

Military Logistics Advantages:

Its intricate design offers unparalleled precision in movement and positioning. Among its various merits:

  1. Adaptability: With the capacity to accommodate diverse trailer configurations, the Banjo Mount is the epitome of adaptability in running gear.
  2. Shock Absorption: Using the Ackerman steering principle, each wheel is designed to track accurately, further enhanced by tie rods. This minimizes the risk of damage, particularly when transporting delicate equipment.
  3. Safety Mechanism: The meticulous design includes safety chains, a surge system, and a quick-release pin, exceeding the requirements of USM specification MIL-M-8090 for type II mobility, ensuring improved safety mechanisms and optimal load distribution.
  4. Modular and Scalable: The gear is tailored for varied payloads and can support up to 10,000 lbs per wheel.

Banjo mount running gear is more than just a component; it’s a holistic solution, embodying precision, adaptability, and efficiency, tailor-made to meet military operations’ stringent and varied demands.

The Role of Running Gear Trailers in Military Operations:

A running gear trailer is a specialized piece of equipment designed to augment military operations’ mobility and transport capabilities. It’s essentially the foundation that holds and moves other equipment or cargo, facilitated by its built-in mechanisms like industrial casters.

Integrative Advantages:

When used alongside the advanced features of banjo mount gears, ground support running gear trailers offer a suite of advantages:

  1. Enhanced Load Capacity: By design, these trailers allow for the carriage of heavier equipment and cargo, ensuring that military operations can transport vital assets effectively.
  2. Operational Versatility: Given their adaptability, running gear trailers can seamlessly function across varied terrains and scenarios, making them indispensable in dynamic military contexts.
  3. Rapid Deployment: One of the standout features of running gear trailers is their ability to be swiftly set up and deployed. This rapid response capability ensures that military operations can adapt and react quickly to changing conditions on the ground.

Industrial Casters: The Unsung Heroes of Running Gears

Industrial casters, though less discussed, play a pivotal role in the realm of ground support running gears. Suited for indoor and challenging outdoor environments, they navigate the complexities of rugged terrains, ensuring equipment moves efficiently and effectively.

Adaptability to Outdoor Challenges:

The challenges of outdoor terrains, such as rocks, cracks, and uneven surfaces, pose threats to mobility. However, industrial casters, especially the shock absorbing casters, are designed to navigate these impediments seamlessly. Their springs are crafted to roll over obstructions, efficiently dissipating any resultant shock and preventing potential damage.

Speed and Durability:

The ability to operate at high speeds and the provision for customization render industrial casters indispensable in military operations. The flexibility, ease of maintenance, and repairability offered by these casters are unparalleled, substantiating their role as silent workhorses, fortifying the backbone of military logistics, and enabling the seamless convergence of precision, mobility, and durability.

Heavy duty industrial casters, especially when integrated with running gear trailers and banjo mount running gears, represent a fusion of innovation, adaptability, and durability. They are the silent enablers, ensuring military equipment’s robust and reliable movement across diverse terrains and conditions.


The evolution of military logistics has witnessed a transformative impact, with the introduction and enhancement of ground support and banjo mount running gears. With their precise engineering and adaptability, these systems have fortified military operations, ensuring swift deployment, enhanced mobility, and robustness across varied terrains.

Aerol stands at the forefront of these advancements, offering groundbreaking running gears and accessories, including the robust S.A.M. (Side Angle Mount) and the versatile Banjo Mount Running Gears, epitomizing flexibility and high load-bearing capabilities.