Choosing A Training Provider for Business Process Certification

Choosing A Training Provider for Business Process Certification

Choosing A Training Provider for Business Process Certification

When it comes to getting into the “tech” business, you are likely to hear the term Business Process Certification (BPC). You may even see a reference to it on your resume. What is BPC? Well, that depends upon whom you ask.

The Technique of Planning and Organizing

Business Process Management (BPM) is a technique of planning and organizing various business-related activities, from the design of a new product or service, creating advertising campaigns, and handling financial transactions. The term is also used, somewhat misleadingly, to describe software applications to help process these activities. Some professionals refer to it as an identification card for the human mind. Whatever the terminology, BPM is a complex discipline and includes a number of training and development programs. If your company is looking for a BPM consultant, there are several important questions you should consider.

They May Have A Bachelor’s Degree

Is the individual certified by the Business Process Improvement Association? If so, he or she has met strict requirements for having the proper credentials. They may have a Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field and have achieved certification through one or more of the associations mentioned above. If the individual does not meet these qualifications, there are other suitable consultants available.

Is the individual a member of the American Planning Association? Some BPM training programs require members of this association to meet a certain BPI training level and then be re-certified every two years. However, others prefer to meet BPI standards and get the certification later, say five or ten years later. Some business process certification authorities offer re-certification upon completion of a specific number of business process improvement classes.

Are the employees trained and managed by a qualified manager? If the answer is yes, then that manager should be able to provide you with enough training and examples of actual experience working under him or her. If not, you may still be able to find someone willing to take on the job but ask for salary incentives and additional benefits. You should also ask about the training methods, the number of employees currently in training and the expected end date.

Professional Association

Do they belong to any guild or professional association? A reputable organization will be proud of its members and provide testimonials about their success and happiness with the training received. A guild or professional association will often publish lists of accredited training providers. Look for this list on the International Franchise Association website. Study the list of providers carefully and find a provider who fits your business model exactly.

Do they have official certification in the field? This would indicate that the training provider has been acknowledged as an expert in his or her field by another legitimate body such as the US Small Business Administration. Such recognition indicates that the individual has credibility and experience. However, this does not necessarily mean that the person is certified. It merely means that he or she has been acknowledged.

Are they experienced? This is very important. Ask for information about their work history, especially related to the topics discussed above. Experience is key to developing the abilities necessary for achieving successful certification. It is rare to find someone who has extensive knowledge of all areas, but having this experience will help you find the best business process certification services available.

The Cost

What is the cost? The price will vary depending on the level of certification and experience required. Typically, it will cost more to receive full certification than it will to simply get the basics. Determine your own level of expertise and find the most cost-effective certification options. Many training providers offer a free evaluation that you can take to determine if you are ready for certification. If you pass this exam, you should be ready to start applying.

Training Courses Online

Is training offered online? There are many training courses available for business process certification online. Look for ones that will provide you with the tools you need to complete the curriculum. Some training may even be done on the internet, but you must make sure that it is an accredited program and that the providers offering the classes are reputable. Automations are trending when we talk about business and marketing. It saves tons of time by complete tasks automatically without any human interference. You can use automation in business easily. Use for emails, tasks, sending a reminder, and many more uses of automation are available.

These are just some of the questions you should ask when selecting a business process certification provider. The more you know about the training and options available to you, the better you can decide on your business. With so much riding on your choice, this decision needs to be made carefully.