7 Features to Look for in Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant helps businesses with simple tasks such as scheduling appointments and social media management, customer support, etc. They are a great help for business owners as they save time and this time can be focused on running a business. 

Virtual assistants can be outsourced from agencies or there are a lot of freelance virtual assistants who can do the job for you. You can look for virtual assistant services in the Philippines to know more about the option. But before appointing a virtual assistant from a virtual assistant service in the Philippines, there are few features you must look for to ensure better service and benefits for your business. 

By looking for these essential features – effective communication channels, relevant services and expertise, and robust security measures – you’ll be able to find an outsource virtual assistant service that fulfills all of your requirements while providing exceptional support in your business endeavors.

7 Features to look for in Virtual Assistant

Good Communication

A virtual assistant plays the role of mediator in a lot of circumstances. This means a virtual assistant must have excellent communication skills. He/she must be able to adapt to circumstances and all the parties involved on the same page. There are also lots of virtual assistants for customer service phone calls your business can utilize like Replicant conversation AI

In the present times, you can avail “Live” answering service for small business through a virtual receptionist system that can take calls, answer queries, forward calls and leave messages when the office is closed after working hours. The caller feels as if he/she is talking to a human.


Being a virtual assistant means having to face new challenges in real time every day. One must be assertive and proactive to handle such situations. He/she must take ownership and take decisions that will be beneficial to the brand and business.


A virtual assistant will be the voice of the brand. They will be in touch with the potential customers and audience in social media more than the business owner themselves. This means a VA should keep the communication channels honest and be inclined towards the value of the brand and not project any individual agendas.


A virtual assistant is a very crucial person in your business. They handle confidential information and have access to all the important business accounts. They have credentials to your mail and social media. A VA must be trustworthy to handle such important information. 

Under no circumstance, the virtual assistant should break the code of confidentiality. Ensure you hire a trustworthy person to avoid any mishappening. You can also have a contract to avoid unfortunate incidents that put your brand in question.


A VA should take ownership of the tasks they perform. They must handle an account as if it is their business. There will be instances where an opportunity will pan out and it has to be replied to in a matter of time. Instead of ignoring such messages a VA must take ownership and do its best to make it happen. 


A virtual assistant’s job certainly has a lot of room for error. From missing appointments to not communicating properly. Instead of not taking responsibility and pointing fingers at others for one’s mistakes, a virtual assistant must be accountable for their errors and must be willing to learn from their mistakes to prevent them from happening further.


The job of a virtual assistant is not fixed and the daily tasks are subject to change based on any upcoming events, promotional months, etc. This means there will be times a virtual assistant will have more than one can take on their plate. One of the important skills of a virtual assistant is to multitask. 

In the case of a Live virtual receptionist service, the system has to perform the role of a bilingual virtual receptionist, able to both understand and answer in languages like Spanish & English. On the other hand, you can also convert your virtual receptionist into a Spanish speaking answering service only.

To perform every unique task given to them with utmost clarity and dedication. Be it handling different social media platforms or scheduling appointments for a week, a virtual assistant must be efficient in multitasking without sacrificing the quality of the work.