14 Reasons Why Localization Improves Your Business 

Improves Your Business 

Improves Your Business 

Localization is a marketing buzzword that you’ve likely heard several times before. What do people mean when they say localization? In a nutshell, localization means translating your product into other languages and making it culturally relevant to other markets. ECommerce websites desperately need localization if you plan to conquer foreign markets. About 65% of people prefer content in their native language when buying online. But what does this accomplish for businesses?

Here are 14 reasons why localization improves your business:

1. Localized products reach more customers

The first and most apparent reason for localizing content is that it allows you to serve your target market better by giving them access to helpful information in their native language. By offering localized content, you can increase brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, ultimately leading to improved market share.

2. Localization boosts online visibility

Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets or increase your customer base in existing ones, localization is one of the best ways to boost your search engine ranking. Sometimes with the help of translation services local search engine optimization (SEO) can be improved. The issue with many international web users is that their Internet activity doesn’t show up in English-based search engines like Google because they’re using non-English keywords to find information online. Localized content will rank higher in local searches because these results are generally more relevant and valuable than general search results. Also, sometimes, the competition on the target market is lower, which helps websites and apps rank higher.

3. It improves relationships with customers

If you use the machine translation you may get a mistranslated text that can undermine marketing efforts while also damaging the brand image and customer relationships. By leaving translation decisions up to translators who are native speakers of their target language, you can be confident in the accuracy of your content.

4. Localized web content is more likely to engage viewers

A localized version of your website provides viewers with easier access to relevant information that they’re looking for in their language. Your content will better serve their needs, which will ultimately increase engagement rates and conversions.

5. Localization boosts cross-cultural understanding

By adapting your digital marketing material into other languages, you’re not only presenting it to a larger audience, but you’re also fostering understanding between cultures by promoting accurate translations of critical messages.

And obviously global companies have a stake in maintaining good relations with customers in their target markets.

6. It increases customer loyalty

When you localize content carefully, you’re delighting your customers by making it easier for them to find and use the information they need. This fosters brand loyalty as customers feel appreciated and supported by your company, so they’ll be more inclined to return for future purchases.

7. It increases customer engagement

Localized content is culturally relevant to a specific region or audience, increasing click-through rates on ads. Keep in mind that the success of native ads all depends on how well it resonates with an audience – if a viewer doesn’t connect with an ad or its message, then there’s no reason for them to engage with it.

8. It boosts conversions

Another essential benefit of localization is that it increases conversions. Translating your content into other languages can help boost engagement rates by giving viewers the information they’re looking for in their language, which will ultimately lead to increased conversions down the road.

9. It opens up new revenue streams

When you localize content, you’re not only increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty – you’re also opening up new revenue opportunities through potential partnerships with local companies or publishers. This helps increase margins while reaching a larger audience and getting more revenue.

10. It exposes your brand to an international market

When you translate content across different regions, you make yourself more accessible to people around the world. By engaging with potential customers on their turf, you can increase trust in your company while also marketing to them more effectively.

11. It enhances social media marketing

Reaching out to customers on their turf is yet another great way that localization can increase engagement rates. When you communicate with viewers in their native language, they’re more likely to engage not only with your content but also with your company as a whole. Social media is one of the best tools for promoting localization efforts. It provides cross-cultural conversation and discussion opportunities while allowing companies to build better relationships with potential customers worldwide. In fact, 71% customer decisions are influenced by social media.

12. It increases the reach of online marketing campaigns

When you localize content, you broaden your digital footprint and make it possible for people who don’t speak English to find and engage with your messages and ads. This will ultimately result in more traffic to your website while increasing engagement rates since viewers are more likely to interact with content if they understand what it’s about.

13. It can increase usage of mobile apps

Many businesses have found success by creating mobile apps that let customers quickly access their services on the go. When you localize this type of software, you’re making it easier for users who don’t speak English to use your product or service – which will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction rates and appreciation. More and more countries become mobile dominated, that is why you will need to double check if your website or app looks the same as you planned in the mobile version. Here you may consider localization testing to avoid crucial mistakes that may affect your brand.

14. It can improve social sharing

People tend to share material that’s translated into their native language. That is why if you create such sharable content you may reach more potential clients and spend less money for the ad campaign.

Bottom line

In the past couple of years, localization has been gaining importance as a business concept. In addition to providing an essential service for consumers globally, localization efforts can increase profits for organizations of all sizes. Content is king, and king-sized corporations realize that they can stand out from their competitors by going that extra mile. Today’s consumer expects nothing less than the total global reach of their favorite products and services.