How To Select Top AI Machine Learning Online Courses

AI Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence, aka AI is blowing up, and from how things look- and it’s just the beginning.

Technology is rapidly transforming how we do business across the board, and this will only push the demand for AI skills.

As of 2023, the machine learning market size is estimated to be worth a whopping $19 billion! and data reveals that it could actually surpass $225 billion by 2030 (36.2%) growth rate. We are looking at $241 billion on AI’s side, and poised to reach $738 billion by 2030, reflecting a staggering 17.3% growth rate.

Undoubtedly, there’s a huge market potential, so diving into AI machine learning is the best way to participate in this transformative if you are into tech. But wait- with thousands of online AI machine learning courses that have sprouted to meet the growing demand for experts in this field, how do you pick the right one? Worry not, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best AI machine learning course.

What is AI Machine Learning?

Technically, machine learning is a subversion of AI that studies artificial technologies that can utilize data without being programmed. Conversely, AI is computer science technology that enables computers to work out prompts without human intelligence.

So, why should you take an artificial intelligence course? First, this course benefits anyone who wishes to evolve with technology and stay competitive in the digital world. From predicting customer behavior to automating tedious work, the application of AI is increasing incredibly, and with it, the need for skilled professionals.

Moreover, the flexibility to learn online at your own pace is valuable in ensuring that you have enough time to comprehend challenging topics. AI machine learning online also provides interactive exercises, online forums, quizzes, and video lectures to enrich your learning experience and skill progression.

7 Effective Tips to Pick the Best AI Machine Learning Course Online

1. Define Your Goals

Before starting your studies, ask yourself what makes you want to learn AI machine learning. Basically, you want to find clarity and motivation to steer you through the course. Without understanding the ‘why,’ small obstacles along the way could kill your dream.

Most people learn AI courses either because they want to supplement their current skills or specialize in a particular AI field. In this case, if want to major in machine learning, mastering AI machine learning is the best decision.

Even after deciding to learn online, you still need to choose between joining learning bootcamps, taking up professional courses, or on video platforms like YouTube. Your choice depends on whether you need certification or just skills.

2. Choose Courses with the Best Instructors

Just as in a normal classroom, having a knowledgeable instructor is crucial to your success in learning online. So, apart from carefully selecting a good platform, check out fine details about the instructors. For instance, how do the reviews speak about their reputation?

Top-notch instructors should have real-world experience and a track record in machine learning and AI models. You can talk to the previous students to learn more about the course instructor. Seasoned ones even have their own website that displays their work in the field; this is a good place to gauge their skills.

3. Start Low and Build Up

Complex courses help uncover valuable patterns in data, but is that the best approach for a beginner? Definitely not. Even with the basics out of the way, you still need to take baby steps and avoid jumping into complex subjects. If you try to tackle the complex stuff head-on, there’s a good chance you’ll feel discouraged, drop out of the course, and cut short your pursuit of AI mastery.

4. Choose Courses with Practical Exercises

Practice in AI machine learning is not only fun, it allows you to take part in solving real-world problems. So, go for courses with regular practice exercises that allow you to hone your skills. An ideal course has many practice tests at the end of each topic. These practice exercises you do during the course end up in your portfolio. This gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs since potential employers can gauge your skills based on them.

5. Consider Expenses

Studying AI machine learning means investing both your time and money. You don’t want to waste any of these, which is why you should ensure you are getting value.

The golden tip is to avoid spending more cash than you need. But that doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Factor in all the costs involved, and pick a platform that allows you to learn within your budget.

Understanding your time is precious, so choose a learning schedule that aligns with your lifestyle. The last thing you want is for your lessons to clash with work or family commitments. Luckily, there are short courses that take weeks, while some last for months, all you have to do is pick one that won’t interfere with your schedule.

The cool side of online learning is that you can learn at your own pace and take breaks whenever you like. Once you complete a course, step back and unwind, then return and resume where you left off.

6. Choose Courses with Zero Prerequisites

As said, thousands of AI machine learning courses are online. But the tricky part is that some courses require you to complete a certain lesson or course before advancing. The best approach is to start with the easy ones that don’t have prerequisites and progress to the complex ones.

7. Review Course Structure

In addition to checking course prerequisites, you must evaluate the course structure and content. What is its curriculum and topics? Plus, the teaching materials and objectives? At the core, a typical course must balance practical and theoretical concepts to offer the value you want.


AI machine learning is by far the technology that has changed the tech world and still is. As this continues, the number of professionals needed in the field will keep increasing. As such, there is extensive room for those interested in AI machine learning. Just as long as you select the top course and admit to it, the possibilities of AI machine learning are endless.

Fortunately, you now have a few points to direct your pursuit as you select a course in AI machine learning. Stay with this blog bookmarked to have the points with you once you plan to take an AI machine learning course online.