5 Best Apple Watch Football Apps – How To Track Everything on The Go



Living in the 21st century is a buzz. Everyone is insanely busy while trying to mingle their work-related issues, communicate with family and friends. Usually, everything happens online. One may receive lots of notifications in one minute. I bet that can be somewhat distracting, especially when you’re a serious football fan interested in getting live scores. Checking out your phone to see if that rumbling was a goal alert isn’t always possible. Here the Apple Watch becomes worth its weight in gold.

With Apple Watch, you can easily stay informed on everything that matters to you in the sports world. And all these are right from your wrist. For those who prefer traditional experience, we highly recommend Buaksib. This sports portal covers everything about football starting from latest football highlights following with Livescore data of all leagues.

You may see many sports apps on the Apple Watch app store, but we have picked the best Apple Watch Football Apps for you. So, check it out!

Forza Football

The app is a solid choice if you want to stay informed on the live scores and other latest football happenings for more than 560 football leagues and cups. You may set alerts for favorite teams, pin matches, get pre-match line-ups with formations. Also, you can share your opinion, answer poll questions and what is more important – get your voice heard around the world. Forza Football isn’t just an internationally known and loved the app. It’s a mediator that shares and liberates the collective opinion from fans from all parts of the globe.

Download from Apple Store: Forza Football

Onefootball – Soccer Scores

Onefootball might be that special, and only one app to cover all your needs during the soccer season. It offers you soccer insider news, live scores, video channels, key dates, transfer news, rumors, etc. In addition, you can get personalized content by selecting your favorite players, clubs, and national teams. You can also have the latest soccer news every day, compiled by soccer journalists worldwide. And everything is direct from your wrist. Just a football fan’s dream that came true.

Download from Apple Store: Onefootball – Soccer Scores

Bleacher Report: Sports News

Bleacher Report will help you stay the first to know all your team’s news with real-time streams. You can set up personalized alerts to remain updated 24/7. With Apple Watch Sports app, you can break the latest sports news to your sports-loving friends through Twitter, Facebook, email, groups, or text messages. The developers added NBA Playoffs to enjoy every highlight and final score in the NBA stream in the latest version. This app might have issues with connection for Chinese users because of the Great Firewall. If that’s your case, we recommend you to use one of the special VPNs that work in China.

Download from Apple Store: Bleacher Report: Sports News

Soccer Scores – FotMob

FotMob, which has 70.8K ratings, will be a great assistant if you are a big soccer-lover and want to receive all the live scores, stats, and storylines. It’s easy to create a customed feed and get personalized news and notifications. This way, you’ll always know what’s going on with your favorite teams. Isn’t it great? Last but not least: the app makes lightning-quick match updates so you won’t miss anything important.

Download from Apple Store: Soccer Scores – FotMob

365Scores – Live Scores

Another option for you might be 365Scores. You’ll enjoy 24/7 full coverage of 10 Sports and more than 2,000 competitions. In addition, the comprehensive Game Center will keep you up-to-date with injury reports as well as indicative team trends that keep you in the know. This app covers all of the English leagues and a massive selection of international teams, too, so you’re bound to find support for your favorite. And, of course, the Watch app gives you a full-running commentary after kick-off.

Download from Apple Store: 365Scores – Live Scores