8 Top GPS Phone Tracker Apps for Android 

GPS Phone Tracker Apps

GPS Phone Tracker Apps

GPS technology allows determining the exact location of a target device. You can use an Android tracking app as a family locator or as a tool to track your own device. It’s a fantastic way to keep tabs on employees’ whereabouts using a phone tracker. Your lost or stolen phone or tablet can be recovered using this app. An example of an essential utility app is a phone tracker.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Phone Tracker App

A phone tracking app comes with several considerations before you acquire one.

  • Tracking in Real-Time

The most important benefit of a cell phone tracker is the ability to monitor your target cell phone in real-time. Different tracking devices provide different levels of real-time GPS tracking. It is possible to manually ping the tracker on some devices, although this feature is not available on all of them, and others only provide a location update at predetermined intervals.

  • Refund Procedures

You run the risk of losing your money if a virtual item doesn’t come with a clear refund policy. There are many companies that provide free trials, so you should look for them. If you have the opportunity to utilize apps, you may get a sense of how the product will perform and decide which option is ideal for you.

  • Cooperative Customer Service

If you want to get the most out of the tracking software, you need to have access to customer assistance. If you have issues with their services, you’ll know that assistance is available if you need it.

  • User-Friendly Website

The most effective phone tracking app software should have a well-designed website. You’ll find all the product’s characteristics and specifications on this website. It also includes guidelines and FAQs. Check to see if the website has sections like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

  • Basic Features

Text messages sent and received on smartphones should be seen by the tracker. All calls made and received, as well as how long each call lasted, should be easily accessible. Both incoming and outgoing email messages should be provided access to. Look at what applications (especially social media apps) have been installed and how they’ve been used on the target phone.

  • Stealth Mode

There should be a unique feature for the GPS tracker to operate in stealth mode. As a result, your target won’t be aware that you’re keeping tabs on their movements and compiling data on the places they’ve been.

1. uMobix – Best Cell Phone for Modern Parents

uMobix is a cutting-edge tracker for mobile phones. Currently, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. It has the ability to monitor more than 30 different social media platforms. With uMobix, it is possible to track someone’s phone in real-time and see what places a person visited. Including passwords and keystrokes, it can keep track of everything the user types.


  • With timely logs, out-and-out monitoring is possible.
  • In-depth summaries of the location, phone calls, and messages are provided.
  • Enables to track a person and gives guidelines on how to track a phone without them knowing.


  • The use of more than one device per subscription is prohibited.

2. Hoverwatch – Best Phone Tracking App for Businesses

Hoverwatch is a handy and effective cell phone tracker with a lot of useful functions. Its method of operation allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ or colleagues’ actions, including social media and messaging. Hoverwatch takes screenshots on a regular basis and sends them to the main user. For optimal ease, changing tracking settings and uninstalling can be done remotely.


  • It allows you to record all types of phone calls.
  • In demo mode, you can try out the features.
  • You can keep an eye on the gadgets you want without the person’s knowing.


  • To install it, you’ll need physical access to the target phone.
  • After your prior subscription expires, you will be automatically unsubscribed after seven days.

3. GEOfinder – Best Couple Phone Tracking Apps

GEOfinder is an easy-to-use phone number tracker for tracking down the exact location of any phone number. To track a person’s location, you will need to send an SMS to a specific phone number – enter the number and choose the message you want to send. After that, an SMS with a unique URL will be sent to the device’s owner. You can see the phone’s location in the userspace if you click on the link provided by the device owner. A single plan is available for all devices and operating systems.


  • Spectacular location synchronization.
  • It provides a history of previous occurrences in the present.
  • Find out where any phone number is located.


  • Every three hours, just one message may be sent.

4. GPS Phone Tracker – Best Tracking Platform for Family Safety

Another GPS tracker for Android is the GPS phone tracker, which makes it much easier to find the location of your loved ones. The GPS phone tracker is easy to connect to, provides correct instructions and guidance, and performs well. Find my phone request is available in case it gets lost.


  • Additionally, you can get alerts when your children arrive at a specific location.
  • An easy-to-use Android GPS tracking app.
  • The ability to track one’s exact whereabouts in real time at all times.


  • To use it, you’ll need a stable internet connection.

5. SpyBubble Pro – Best Cell Phone Tracker to Catch a Cheating Spouse

It’s possible to keep track of all the activity on the target’s phone using SpyBubble, a cloud-based remote spying program. The service is completely anonymous, so you can keep an eye on your loved one’s whereabouts without their knowledge.


  • The UI is simple and intuitive.
  • Real-time tracking software.
  • Wide range of features (detecting secret apps, audio stream, restricting outgoing calls and texts, etc.).
  • Intuitive sync.


  • Some features are available only for iOS.

6. Google Maps – Best Location Tracking for Free

In the Android GPS tracker community, Google Maps is well-known. It’s incredibly simple to read a map on Google Maps. With Google Maps, it’s easy to find out exactly where you are at any given moment. On the subject of its other capabilities, Google Maps offers offline maps for searching and navigating in the absence of an internet connection. To use it as a mobile tracker free, go to Android.com/find, log in with your Gmail credentials, and easily find your phone’s location.


  • Can be used for free.
  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Doesn’t require installing an app on a target device.


  • Your location data can be used for advertising purposes.
  • If you send a link to an email that has been hacked, your real-time location data can be received by hackers.

7. Cocospy – Best Spy Phone App to Track Kids’ Location

As a parental monitoring tool, Cocospy aims to provide parents with peace of mind by allowing them access to their children’s mobile phone activity. If you want to check whether your children are safe, you can access all of the recorded data through an online web gateway hidden on the target phone.


  • Excellent surveillance program with a wide range of options.
  • Stealth mode availability.
  • Access to all visited locations in real-time, as well as the history.


  • There is no free trial available, but there is a possibility to view a dashboard in demo mode.

8. Location Sharing via WhatsApp – Track Your Spouse’s Location

Even WhatsApp enables real-time location sharing (if you’ve never heard of it before). The easiest way to get a person’s current location while texting is to request that they send you a WhatsApp message with their current location in it. This site, however, will only be available for a maximum of eight hours.


  • Exact locations can be known through live location sharing.
  • Excellent for spouses.


  • An Internet connection is required.
  • Consent from the target user is always required.


Can I track a cell phone with just a cell phone number?

Yes. For instance, by using a GEOfinder spy app, you can find out the phone location by sending an SMS to a target device and being shared a location by the phone owner.

How can I determine someone’s location for free using their phone number?

There are free programs that track someone’s phone number (e.g., Google Maps). Some premium apps also provide free subscription plans with limited functionality. We still suggest consumers use a reliable spyware app that is inexpensive, as most free apps have dangerous capabilities that can destroy their device.

Can I trace my spouse’s phone secretly?

Yes, today’s smartphones all have GPS. So long as their phone isn’t turned off, they can be easily located. There are two techniques to track someone’s phone secretly. The first approach involves the target phone delivering a tracking link to your phone. The second option is to employ a spy app that will track the target phone’s position without the owner’s knowledge.

Can spyware be installed remotely?

Both “Yes” and “No” apply to this question. Yes, for iPhone. Despite its strong encryption, it is simple to remotely install a surveillance program on a target phone. It can be done via the user’s iCloud account, which holds all connected data. No, for Android. The right to use the target Android device is required.