Top 5 New Music Apps for Android

New Music Apps for Android

New Music Apps for Android

The tangible sales of music have dropped a lot but it doesn’t mean at all, the demand for music listeners has crashed. With the increase in the growth of technology, it becomes so easy to listen to music from anywhere around the earth with the help of streaming and the internet. If you analyze the sound quality between streaming and CDs, Streaming is superior in them. Music can energize you and helps to provide more productivity everywhere like in gyms, doing household work, better concentration in studies reduces stress and delights the mood.

Most of the people are using the services of android phones due to the following reasons:-

  1. There is a lot of choices for free apps.
  2. Android apps are very easy to install and simple to use.
  3. There are millions of songs easily available on a single touch according to your taste.
  4. You can download it and able to create your playlist according to your favorite singers and artists.
  5. There are many flexible options in android apps like replacing themes, availability of different accessories at affordable cost, and many more.
  6. There is also an easy option for downloading apps from Google.
  7. You can switch to various browsers and highly user compatible for multitasking.

There are mainly 5 top different music android apps such as:-


The origin of the Deezer online music streaming service is in French. This service is available on various platforms like android, macOS, Windows, IOS, web, and many more. It consists of around 14 million customers with a 7 million paid subscription plan and approximately 56 million music tracks on the list. You can use Deemix APK for Android to download Deezer songs. It offers 30 days free trial plan and various plans like premium around $ 9.99 per month, a family plan of $ 14.99 per month which consists of access to a premium plan for 6 Deezer users, and also a college-going student plan at $4.99. Deezer services are also available on smart television like LG, Samsung, and Toshiba.


Tidal is mainly a paid music app that provides a large quantity of high definition video content along with living streaming concerts. It consists of more than 60 million music tracks of various artists. It comprises of various subscription plans such as a premium plan at USD 9.99 per month, hifi plan USD 19.99 per month, a Family premium plan of USD 14.99 which contain 6 accounts, Family hifi plan at USD 29.99 per month it also contains 6 accounts with HD videos, student premium plan at USD 4.99 monthly and student hifi plan at USD 9.99 monthly. Tidal service is beneficial for the music discovers who don’t compromise with the deep sound quality. However, if you’re a music lover can check out the best sound card for music production here.

Amazon Music

It comes with the paid version of amazon account called Amazon prime. It consists of more than 2 million music tracks of distinct artists. It provides integrated support with amazon echo at $3.99 per month. But it doesn’t provide any other entertaining content rather than music like videos and many more. It is also compatible with various platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web browser, and Linux. The streaming sound quality of amazon is 256 kbps. It also provides 90 days free trial.

Sirius XM

It is one of the best American telecasting company which gives various satellite and online radio services. It gives a free 3-months trial plan and there are 5 XM plans such as XM select, XM all-access, XM Mostly Music, Sirius XM essential, and Sirius XM premier. It provides various variety of content like entertainment, business news, music, weather and traffic details, videos, shows, interviews, and drama.


It provides advanced quality in terms of quality but not the well-known service. It consists of approximately more than 40 million-plus songs library. It offers a free trial account for a month and deals in 4 plans like studio premier ($14.99/month), studio premier family ($24.99/month), sublime+ ($249.99/year), and sublime+ family ($499.99yearly). You can download this app from GetAPK Market for free on Android.

Benefits of using Music apps

  1. Unlimited Music- It provides the ultimate music experience with a variety of artists, musicians, podcasters, and many more. You can check best sound card for music production for more information.
  2. Time-Saving – It utilizes your time in upgrading yourself by listening to news, interviews, live concerts, and many more.
  3. Enhances productivity – It raises productivity while doing various tasks like gym, yoga, maintains mental health, reduces stress, and avoids mood swings.
  4. Analytics- You can analyze which songs you love the most and make your playlist according to that.
  5. Compatible- There is no need for any other equipment like CDs, you can easily install it on your mobile and it is very simple to use it.