FMWhatsApp- The best alternative of whatsapp

FMWhatsApp- The best alternative of whatsapp

FMWhatsApp- The best alternative of whatsapp

FMWhatsApp messenger or simply FMWhatsApp is download on smartphones. Everyone have a smartphone and FMWhatsApp app installed in it .but is also accessible from desktop computers as long as the user’s mobile device remains connected to the internet while they use the desktop app.It is most widely used app for teenagers and people . It is regularly used by teenagers and people. It have been used by 1 billion people in over all around the world to stay in touch. The app is user friendly. It uses internet and allow users to send messages,documents,images,pdf and video .it is used for communication all over the world.It is very useful for students in sharing their notes ,projects and articles, and many more helpful features.

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Features of FM WhatsApp

The Facebook owner company had added a lot of features this year which you may have heard and remembered also. Here are some features of FMWhatsApp –

  • FMWhatsApp fingerprint lock features arrives on android/iphone.
  • FMWhatsApp reportedly banning groups with illegal and suspicious name.
  • FMWhatsApp catalog’s launched for small buisnesses to connect with customers.
  • The company introduced group calling for its users allowing them add more users to call.Note not more than 4 users.
  • It allowed the users of a group to reply privately to a chat in their one-on-one chat.
  • It allow users to share your FMWhatsApp status on Instagram or facebook.
  • With the security and privacy option it allows users to maintain your privacy like hide your last seen, hide your FMWhatsApp status, hide your dp, hide your messages and many more.It also provides the feature of dark mode and splash screen.
  • Events/parties occuring at one place can be shared all over the world.
  • It allows users to chat to different people and can make a group chat.While chatting we can use different types of stickers (emoji) such as animals, food and many more.
  • It gives you a feature to tell about yourself on your account which we call as a status.
  • It also have a feature of sharing live location.
  • It is free and absence from advertisements.
  • For making a account in FMWhatsApp it needs age requirement of at least 16 years of age.
  • It allows users to send voice messages.
  • It allows users to do payments on FMWhatsApp.
  • It allow users to delete messages after you have sent them for everyone.
  • It allows users to mark messages and find them easily later.
  • It allows users to hide group photos and videos of FMWhatsApp from gallery.

Fmwhatsapp download

How to install FMWhatsApp?

If you haven’t tried FMWhatsApp yet, then it will be useful to download FMWhatsApp for android/iPhone on your smartphone. There are just few and simple steps for downloading FMWhatsApp and they are as follow-

  • First of all you have to go to play store and then go to search box.
  • Type FMWhatsApp on search box and click on install.
  • For installation it will just take few seconds or minute.
  • Once the app is installed make your account by singing with your mobile number.

After making your account enjoy the exclusive and amazing features of FMWhatsApp.

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At last, FMWhatsApp is instantly used app and is very good for communication. The process of FMWhatsApp is also so simple and easy .It provide users a professional and effective platform for communication. FMWhatsApp had played a very useful role in facilitating the buisness communication between the supplier and the customers. but its excessive or imporper use  can be very hazardous for  health such as spending a lot  of time on FMWhatsApp can lose the interest on studies or drop of academy year.

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It can also lost the interest on sports .Students usually spoil their spelling mistakes. FMWhatsApp encourages laziness among teenagers and people. It can also damage our eye sight .continuous typing can cause swelling and inflammation of fingers . Spending time with friends or family is good and wellbeing but you should avoid unnecessary talk. Now FMWhatsApp had become a favorite pass time app among youths. Use FMWhatsApp in a right and good way. Don’t spend a lot of time on FMWhatsApp if need then only. Regular and continuous use of FMWhatsApp should be avoided for youths.