6 Mobile apps that will diversify your vacation

Having stayed at home, everyone dreams of a long-awaited and well-deserved vacation. But when a couple of days of such a lazy holiday passes, you begin to puzzle over what to do with yourself on the beach. In this situation, your smartphone will come to your aid. Of course, it will not do the first-class massage and will not make you a party in beach volleyball, but something it can definitely do.

There are a lot of entertaining and useful programs to make your vacation or even meeting friends unforgettable: from a gender swap app to a personal guide. We offer you 10 free mobile apps that will help you diversify your beach vacation.

For a creative vacation: Aviary

Aviary is a functional photo editor with which you can quickly and easily edit photos on the go. Made a photo and give it the necessary effects. With this app, you can apply photo effects, apply improvements, and align the color balance. As well as to glue funny stickers, draw and add text, remove spots on the skin, and even whiten your teeth! So there is no need to order an expensive photo session from local professional photographers. The creators have equipped Aviary with a super-intuitive interface. So you can easily understand editing.

For a productive holiday: Business Plan & Start Startup

For those who come up with brilliant business ideas on vacation, you should download the Business Plan & Start Startup app. In this application, you can enter your thoughts, arrange the project implementation plan on a time scale, and even ask questions to entrepreneurs-experts on any part of your business plan. Of course, no one promises an easy start. But in a quiet environment away from the city, it is much easier to structure ideas and understand how to implement them.

For a relaxed holiday: Yoga. Exercises and asanas

The sound of the sea and the pleasant touch of the wind help you relax and engage in asanas — exercises that develop the body, bring peace and mental balance. They allow you to take control of negative emotions and strengthen all the positive ones. The app contains a collection of asanas with a description of positions, as well as indications/contraindications to performing. Combining different asanas, you will be able to develop an individual employment cycle at the time of rest that is suitable for you.

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For an interesting vacation: Tripomatic

If you plan to combine beach holidays with excursions, the Tripomatic app is ideal for planning your itinerary. It allows you to select the sights you want to see and create a route for your trip, planned for each day. The application contains a recommended list of attractions for most tourist cities, as well as a wide range of attractions, monuments, museums, parks, as well as shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. You can use the route planner to calculate the time to visit each of the sites (there is a recommended time, but it can be changed). If you don’t have time to do it in advance, it’s easy and convenient to do it on the beach!

For a romantic holiday: Star Walk

If you find yourself on the beach late at night, when the sky is covered by billions of stars, do the astronomy! You don’t have to carry a telescope in your suitcase, just install the Star Walk app on your smartphone. With it, you’ll know the name of any star or constellation – just lift your phone to the sky and thousands of stars, satellites, and comets will be at your disposal.

Star Walk shows exactly the part of the sky that you pointed your phone at. The movement of celestial bodies is precisely calculated for your location and time. With the time Machine function, you can easily understand how the starry sky changes over time, just speed up the time and see for yourself.

For creative recreation: Magisto

It’s easy to shoot a video clip on the beach and feel like a pop star! Magisto allows you to get a mounted video with an additional audio track and video effects in a few touches. You can select a video from your phone’s memory or remove it immediately before editing it. The next stage is the theme of the video and music. You can use any track from the music downloaded to your phone as background music. Automatically editing a small clip takes approximately 5 minutes. You can view it directly from the app.