6 Best Apps For Making a Great Slideshow Presentation on the Go

Slideshow Presentation

Slideshow Presentation

The way you present information matters the most. No one would wish to give or listen to a dull talk. Often, making your presentation more appealing is guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention.

That’s why whenever you’re putting together information for addressing an audience, you want to use the best presentation app. This should help you combine information and deliver it appropriately.

There are impressive apps that you can use to enhance your professional talk and succeed in delivering your presentation. We’ve prepared the six best apps for making an excellent slideshow presentation on the go.

With each app, you’ll also discover its pros and cons. This should help you decide better which app will work best for you.

Let’s delve into it.

6 Best Apps That Will Enhance Your Slideshow Presentation

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

You cannot talk about slideshow presentations and fail to mention Microsoft PowerPoint. Whenever you want to make a clear presentation, PowerPoint is simple to use, compared to many other apps.

It backs up data via its AirPrint function, Cloud service support, and the in-built laser pointer feature. To date, the app remains helpful in making great presentations.

Besides, with Microsoft Powerpoint, you can easily create, view, and edit your presentation needs. For business presentations, free business PowerPoint templates make it easier to generate customized color schemes, background styles, and formatted slide layouts. All these are important in creating engaging presentations.

The benefits of using free PowerPoint templates and premade slide design for your presentation include:

  • You save both your time and effort. As a result, you can focus well on your presentation
  • It guarantees compatibility for the different PowerPoint versions
  • You can quickly convert your slides into Google Slides, Keynotes, and OpenOffice.
  • Its design allows you to create catchy slides, and PowerPoint themes with impressive backgrounds.


  • Its a standard presentation tool that is present in most professional settings
  • You can easily customize every slide to meet particular needs
  • The slides are easy to create and follow along


  • A large number of slide layouts and design elements can cause a learning curve when using the software.
  • Technical hitches may affect the slides display

2. Canva 

Canva is a popular cloud-based software known for social media graphic design. While it’s not yet famous for presentations, it still has the designability for presentations. With canva for mobile, creating presentations on the go is a breeze.

It offers some visually appealing slide templates to attract your audience. You can also create designs in the appropriate presentation dimensions. Although, at the moment, the software does not offer ways to animate your slide elements.

Canva is perfect when it comes to applying data visualization tools in your presentation. This is because of the several static chart options available.

You will also find tons of graphic elements to choose from, such as shapes, icons, and images.


  • Unique premade presentation templates to choose from.
  • Beautiful graphic elements like shapes, images, and icons spice up the design of your slideshow presentation.


  • It lacks animation or transition effects.
  • It lacks a slide library or content blocks to save your content for later reuse.

3. Crello

Crello presentation maker is the best online software for newbies and experienced users. Even with no design skills, you’ll create beautiful presentations for any purpose here: interview, clients, studying, etc. Just sign up for free, choose a presentation template, and customize it in Crello’s intuitive drag-and-drop presentation editor.

To create a presentation, you just need to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Select presentation format (16:9 or 4:3).
  • Choose a template that best suits the project (each of the options contains 99 pages).
  • Edit slides (this is necessary to ensure that all elements are consistent with the goals of the business).
  • Download the complete version of the presentation (it can be done in one of the formats: JPG, PNG, PNG without background, or PDF)


  • Crello provides users with over 400 templates
  • You will be able to edit and completely change the result right in the process
  • No need to download additional applications or materials
  • All the necessary tools are already inside the program
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface


  • Some content for presentation is paid
  • Limited access to Crello’s features for users with free accounts

4. Visme

When creating a slideshow presentation, you want to prioritize the presentation’s design. To captivate your audience, you must come up with a beautiful and appealing slideshow.

Visme is a cloud-based graphic design app. It enables both designers and non-designers to come up with outstanding and professional presentations.

The app has pre-designed themes and templates. You can choose from hundreds of slide layouts and find the ideal design to match your content.

With it comes a variety of design assets, such as:

  • Data visualization tools
  • Free popular fonts
  • Stock photography
  • Vector icons
  • Preset color themes

The most outstanding factor about Visme that gives it an edge over other presentation apps is its interactivity options. This includes features like audio uploads and video recordings. You can find out the various ways to use Visme interactivity options for your presentations.


  • The drag-and-drop editor option and the many templates enable users with any experience level in graphic design to develop visually appealing presentations.
  • It has an in-built library of free fonts, icons, shapes, images, and other graphic elements.
  • Enables you to present your slideshow online. You can also download it as PDF, PPTX, or HTML5. This way, you can present it without an internet connection.
  • It enables you to organize your content, share custom templates, and team up with other members.


  • Many slide layouts and design elements can cause a learning curve when you first use the software.
  • Customizing the slides may be difficult

5. Google Slides

Google Slides is one famous presentation app. Naturally, the slide layouts are the best since it gives you the option to either choose an available template or create your own.

Google slides work best, especially if you need a quick and straight-to-the-point presentation. Anyone familiar with using Powerpoint slides automatically knows how to use Google Slides.

Google Slides enables quick and easy creation, editing, and sharing of presentations. The most beautiful part is that you can quickly open and edit Google Docs slides without an active internet connection.


  • Free use for anyone with a Google account.
  • Easy to use for a quick presentation.
  • It does not require an internet connection. Hence, users can connect and edit the slides in real-time.


  • Minimal design capabilities.
  • Has a limited collection of themes
  • Possible loss of formatting when importing presentation files

6. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a tool that helps you come up with slideshow presentations and attain beautiful presentation designs. It is closely similar to Visme.

However, it does not give full-range design capabilities. Instead, you get eight varying themes with around 60 slide layouts that you can choose from.

You can hardly customize your slides. This is because the slide layouts keep elements organized into place.


  • It has visually attractive templates and slides layouts that you can choose from in your presentation.
  • It has a drag-and-drop editor that enables you to slide your points around to re-organize them quickly.


  • It doesn’t have full-range design abilities on your slides. You can only design the slides in the specific areas that the tool allows you to create.
  • It lacks a variety of templates to choose from.

7. Infogram

Infogram is a cloud-based graphic design app. It is an all-rounded app that does different tasks, including presentations.

What makes Infogram an attractive presentation tool is its animation and transition features. It has data visualization tools that enable you to present data using visual elements like graphs, maps, and Google Charts. It also allows you to handle large data sets.

We learn that 90% of the content that the brain processes is visual information. So again, 80% of the people will remember what they see rather than what they hear or read.

Therefore, converting huge or complex data into understandable visual points will help most of your audience make a lasting impression.


  • It has various animations and transitions that make beautiful slideshows.
  • Allows you to add visuals like charts, maps, and graphs into your slides.


  • It has few presentation templates.
  • Most graphic elements are premium only; hence you must pay to access them.


We’ve discussed a list of the best presentation apps to help you create and deliver your presentation flawlessly.

Ensure you find out what will help you come up with a remarkable and engaging slideshow presentation.

Please note that putting together information for a presentation can be a heavy task in content and design. Hence, it can only be easier if you work with a favorable app for your slideshow presentation.