How To Make Shoes Last Longer

How To Make Shoes Last Longer

How To Make Shoes Last Longer

You know that feeling when you buy shoes that turn out to be your favorites, only to wear them out right away? Add to that the difficulty you may have finding a replacement pair that you like as much as the originals, and you may want helpful advice to make your shoes last longer. These tips and tricks for proper shoe care can keep you and your tootsies happy.

A Wise Investment

Not all shoes are created equal, which means should do some sleuthing to find quality brands that are worth the investment. Some types of shoes, like leather boots and exercise trainers, may be worth the investment, while others, such as women’s flat shoes, can be replaced more frequently, especially if you like to stay in step with the latest trends. It makes sense to spend a little extra on those shoes that you want to wear for thousands of strides.

Extra Protection

This tip may seem like a lot of effort, but it can really pay off with a longer-lasting shoe. Before you break in a new pair, start with a water protector to prevent water stains, especially on suede and leather shoes. Reinforcements for toe tips, outsoles, and heels can also make a difference. Do it yourself or take your shoes to a cobbler if it is not too expensive. Also, if you know how to do it, you can use glue to repair shoes. It is just a matter of picking the right one, and then you’ll have shoes for a long time.

A Consistent Shape

Another way to protect womens retro sneakers and mens dress shoes is with shoe trees. Those wooden inserts keep your shoes in shape when not in use, and they can also absorb some odors. Of course, wooden shoe trees can be pricey, but newspaper can work as well. Stuff enough into your shoes to maintain their shape.

Regular Rotation

Even if you do not think your shoes get sweaty or smelly, they still need some time to chill and dry out after you wear them. Create a rotation to allow your shoes a day or two off to stay in optimal shape. Not only is switching your shoes daily good for your footwear, but it is also good for your feet. But, when you’re wearing a shoe from a well-known US brand like “Loom Footwear”, you can be rest assured that it would last way longer. You do not have to think about rotation, as they are waterproof breathable shoes that have antibacterial properties, and do not get wet or moist due to sweat. It is because such footwear has waterproof and breathable knit material, ensuring easy passage of air. Thus, they are perfect anti odor shoes for long usage, without drying or cleaning. If you own a pair of white shoes and looking some effective ways to clean them properly, this article, how to clean white shoes, will help you here:

The Weather Report

The easiest way to protect your women’s or mens shoes online purchases is to know the weather conditions before you wear them. If the forecast calls for rain or snow, leave your new leather shoes or sneakers at home and opt for weather-resistant footwear such as rain or snow boots instead. That way, you can keep your shoes and your feet inside them dry and comfortable.

A Thorough Clean

Periodically, give your shoes a little TLC to keep them looking like new. Wipe down any dust or dirt and apply polish in a neutral shade to spruce up your loafers and apply moisturizer to leather to keep it supple and soft. For sneakers, stick with spot cleaning or hand washing, using a toothbrush to work out any stains. While tossing your sneaks in the washing machine is easy and convenient, it can make your shoes wear out faster and lose their shape.

Be sure to store your shoes such as nike air jordan 1 in a dry place when not being used. By following any or all these suggestions,  your kicks can look as good as they feel for many miles before they wear out.