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What is AccèsD

What is AccèsD

What is AccèsD?

AccèsD manages your personal finance in an easy, faster, and secure way.

AccèsD is is a Canadian based platform which allows their clients to view the Visa Desjardins account information.

Do your financial transactions at no cost, from anywhere in the world and anytime.

On personal computer or mobile device.

You must be a member of a Desjardins Caisse, or maintain a credit card or a prepaid Desjardins card.

How to enroll for AccèsD Internet

Discover How to register for AccèsD Internet.

Video overview (1 min 56 s)

The steps to follow to register for AccèsD Internet from a computer or tablet.

Access card

The Desjardins Access Card allows you to:

  • Create your purchases by direct payment
  • Quickly cover purchases of $100 or not with Flash Interac ®note
  • perform your ATM transactions
  • handle your finances on the internet by registering for AccèsD.
  • Interac Flash functionality

If it has Flash Interac performance, your Access Card now permits you to pay for purchases of $100 or less without having to insert your card into the reader or enter your PIN.

To create transactions fast and consistently as secure:

  1. Locate the contactless emblem on the retailer’s terminal.
  2. Tap your card on the reader.
  3. We await the beep or”Approved” on the terminal screen.

Here! When these measures are completed, your purchase is settled and your account will be automatically debited.

Does your plan still fulfill your requirements?

You could tend to make more transactions than normal with Flash Interac. Compare strategies to be certain yours always meet your requirements.

Compare packages

Pay securely with Flash Interac – External link to the Website. This link will open in a new window.

Pay for your purchases with your mobile device

Purchase your purchases without taking your card out! Simply set up your mobile device on Google Purchase or Apple Pay. When paying, present the back of your phone near the contactless payment terminal.

Security and confidentiality

Safeguarding your security and privacy is paramount. That is the reason why many safety functions, like the microchip and the allowed limits, secure transactions made using the card. The Zero Liability coverage additionally protects you against fraudulent transactions that could be charged to your card. It prevents you from any financial responsibility if unauthorized expenses are charged to your card.

A few methods for card security

  • Don’t lend your card to anyone.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, even a cashier, police, relative, or friend.
  • Always keep your card in sight during a transaction.
  • Memorize your PIN, do not write it everywhere, especially not on your card.
  • Be discreet, conceal the keyboard with your own body or your hand when entering your PIN.
  • Refuse to put in your PIN onto a keyboard that you cannot take in your own hands.
  • Don’t dial your PIN a second time without first verifying the cancellation of the previous transaction.
  • In the close of the transaction, collect your card and the trade announcement.

Zero Liability for Fraud – Prepaid Card

Zero Liability relieves you of financial obligation if unauthorized expenses are billed to a card.

How to detect fraud?

Check the purchases billed to a prepaid card account to recognize any unauthorized transaction [1]note. A simple way to view your statements and your balance would be to utilize the AccèsD service, accessible at all times by the Internet and telephone.

The way to report fraud?

Contact us at 800 363-3380.

Enhanced Protection and Extended Warranty – Prepaid Card

If you use your card [1]note To Buy eligible items, you receive:

The increased protection [2]note during the 90 days following the date of purchase which insures, in case of damage or loss, eligible items purchased with your card, up to a lifetime maximum of $50,000 per account.

The Extended Warranty on the vast majority of items purchased with your card. The whole period of the original manufacturer’s guarantee is doubled up to a maximum of 1-year-old.

Visa Card

Pay online more readily

Do you enjoy shopping online, but don’t like the inconvenience in regards to paying? Use Visa Checkout, the quick and secure service enabling you to pay for your purchases as readily as your shopping continues to be.

With Visa Checkout, you don’t need to enter your card information and contact details each time you make a purchase. Your password and username will suffice.

Visa Checkout works on most of your devices – smartphone, tablet computer, or computer – wherever you’re. Already practical, internet shopping gets easier than ever thanks to this solution!

To learn more, visit the Visa Checkout website – External link to the website. This link will open in a new window.


Register with your credit card along with your prepaid Desjardins card. Then pay with Visa Checkout. The logo is simple to spot!

You will not have to enter your card information and contact information each time. Just use Visa Checkout to pay.


Hassle-free shopping! The Visa Checkout support protects your personal information because of authentication systems encrypted with numerous layers.

Simplify online payment with Visa Checkout!

Enter the relevant info only once by making an account.


  1. Find the Visa Checkout logo.
  2. Input your email address and password.
  3. Confirm your buy.

You Can Load Your Prepaid card

Manage your account wherever you are with AccèsD, at the Cards, loans, and lines of credit section.

Full account info

  • Details of trades carried out.
  • Recent surgeries (since the last survey).
  • Accessibility to account announcements in PDF format (10 years of archives).

Possible operations

  • Register for online account announcement.
  • Request for an additional card.
  • Change of address and phone number.
  • Sign up for the alert service.
  • Including a travel notice.
  • Transaction dispute.
  • Request hard copies of account statements.
  • Replacement of a damaged or demagnetized card.

Card operation

  • Prove to allow all segments
  • Hide allHide all segments

PIN trades

The chip on your card includes advanced security mechanisms that operate efficiently against card cloning fraud. It applies to debit cards and charge cards, point-of-sale payment solutions, and ATMs.

Chip charge card transactions do not need a signature. Instead, they are approved using a personal identification number (PIN).

The processor is then added – rather than swiped – into the terminal at the point of sale, and it stays there throughout the trade.

Transactions with contactless payment technology

With the chip, you have access to contactless payment technologies, which lets you pay small expenses without having to enter your PIN in the terminal.

This technology is ideal for purchases of $100 [1]noteand much less (US $25 and less for the US card [1]notice ). In establishments offering this payment method, you have the option of simply swiping your card in front of a secure reader if you would like to finish your transaction faster.


Find the emblem

Bring your card to your reader

Wait for approval

Security, simplicity, speed

  • you maintain your card in hand at all times; you, therefore, control its use throughout the trade.
  • No more managing cash for small transactions.
  • No PIN or signature is necessary.
  • Payment made by closeness with the reader.
  • The payment can’t be billed twice.

To find out if you have access to this technology, locate the symbol on your map.

Where to use it?

A growing number of restaurants, gasoline stations, cafes, and convenience stores are letting you utilize this technology.

View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about contactless payment technologies.

Mobile payment transactions

Pay for your purchases with your hands with your smartphone. It is simple, free, and protected.

More details- Mobile payment service

This sum may be lower or higher in certain businesses.

The magnetic strip

The magnetic stripe card is still secure and will continue to be accepted until all monetary institutions and retailers have equipment that accepts chip technology.

At retailers, the new terminals accept both the wise card and the magnetic stripe card.

All cards operate in all gear, whether:

  • A Wise card
  • a magnetic stripe card

Authorized payment support

Enables you to automatically cover, in whole or in part, the balance on your Desjardins credit card, at no charge.

  • Total payment of their monthly balance in your accounts.
  • Payment of a fixed amount (equal to or higher than the minimum payment due).
  • The minimum payment is due.

I hope you have understood what is AccèsD.