The Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online



During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were sent home by their employers and told to wait for news on whether they still had their jobs. Even more people landed on unemployment, which led to the country hitting its highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. While some of those workers received benefits from their states, others waited months to get their benefits and looked for ways to make money until they got help. No matter what type of situation you find yourself in today, you can use some of the easiest ways to make and earn extra money online.

Become an Investor

Investing in the stock market sounds risky to some. Others worry that they’ll buy too much of one stock and see the market fall and leave them with nothing. The newest apps let you invest in the stock market with as little as $1 to $5 and an internet connection. These apps have proved to be the best apps to make money and help you invest in companies that usually require investors to spend thousands of dollars at a time. You’ll also find similar apps that work with your bank account to easily transfer funds back and forth as needed.

Paid Searches

Some companies pay you for the time that you spend surfing the web. They use your data and sell it to companies as a type of market research. No matter what you do on the web, you can get money for it. You might research private student loans to see how they compare to government loans before heading to college and then apply for one or more of those loans. If you recently graduated, these companies will pay you as you search for private student loan calculators to see how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments will be later too. You can use the company’s website to see how much you earned and withdraw the money whenever you want.

Test Websites and Apps

Beta testing is a lucrative market for those familiar with different forms of technology. Companies pay you to test their websites and apps and then write about your experiences. The pay varies greatly depending on what they expect of you. You might earn around $10 to $20 for a test that asks you to visit a website and look for specific content before writing a short report. Some companies ask that you use a webcam to talk with clients for an hour or longer after the testing session, which might pay you as much as $120 for your time.

Sell Online

Selling online is an easy way to make money because you can sell things that you already have around the house. Between eBay and other selling apps, you just need to take some photos and list your items. When a buyer pays, the payment will go right into your bank account. If you like the idea of selling things but don’t want to clean out your house, try listing photos that you took and short blog posts or articles that you wrote. You can sell the complete rights or offer buyers the chance to use that content for a smaller price. All of these ideas help you make money without leaving your house.