Hello, friends the world is facing a problem you all are aware of this, which result in to stay at home so what you can do from home.

Work from home is the only thing which We can do but finding the exact and trusted sources can be a tough task.

So today I came up with the 5 best online teaching platform which helps you to earn money and provide flexibility for working hours.

Online learning and teaching are going to be the future as you all are seeing that we all like to study online and digital technology and comfort makes it more comfortable.

If you are a student you can use these platform to start your online learning and if you are a teacher then you can use it as an online earning platform.

So without wasting much time lets get over to the sites.

1. Chegg India

Some of you I think to know about this platform for those who don’t know this is the online teaching currently growing at a very fast in India.

This platform provides you facilities such as taking books in rent, ask a question, take expert help and on-demand class.

They currently launched their Indian version known as Chegg India to know complete process about Chegg registration you can follow this.

One best thing which I like about this site is that for every order they get they plant a tree.

You can earn up to 20$ per hour through this so get registered in this as a tutor and start your online earning.

2. Vedantu

One of the best platform from India after Chegg is Vedantiu it is used by many of the people in India for learning.

A vast variety of subjects you can pick from to teach such as maths, science as well as you can teach to IIT-Jee students.

The process is very simple.

  • Apply as teacher
  • Initial screening
  • Show your talent ( A teaching demo )
  • I get selected awesome now you are In

Earning potential is also so high as more than 40,000+ students are studying n this platform so you get a good exposure.


Just you open the tutor.com, you can work on this anytime you want and they have 24*7 availability.

You will need to work a minimum of 5 hours a week.

They have a super helpful FAQ section just answering all of the most popular questions.

You will have to pass aptitude tests which drive our quality.

The math tests are 2 to 3 hour-long timed,80% is passing.

Tests are for assessment for your grasp of the subject.

Approximately three days to prepare for each.

It’s very convenient computer high-speed internet support and administrative processes are strong They pay on time, direct deposit.

Advertised pay 9 to 11 dollars hourly as we come to know from reviews.

As a probationary tutor, the starting point limited access to their official tutoring schedule. Probationary tutors are required to tutor 5 hours per week.

To accomplish this you must make yourself available to tutor

Probationary tutors handle peak demand periods when the inflow of students can dramatically increase. 

Probationary tutors are not compensated for wait time. Ration -roughly five to one.

The session may be timed 18-20 minutes & sessions feel rushed.


Tutor Vista provides an excellent opportunity to earn money online while teaching at your own confirm.

Just go to www.tutorvista.co.in, then fill the form appearing on the screen as shown in the below …,…After filling up your all details like name email (email should be edu email addresses)subject grade qualifications training experience city phone upload CV just.

Just press the apply now bottom below

Slove the test provided within the stipulated time limit. If selected you will receive a phone call from the company.

After that, you can teach the student and wish you happy online tutoring.


John Fallon is the CEO of Pearson.

Pearson is the world’s learning company with more than 22,500 employees operating in 70 countries.

They provide content, assessment, and digital services to learner’s educational institution’s employers governments and another partner globally.

Their key products and services you can use it anywhere anytime on any devices.


Don’t waste your time just by sitting in your home utilize it to earn some cash.

These online teaching platforms help you earn money as well as help you to learn a new way of teaching which is going to be the future in upcoming years.