7 Things You Need to Understand Before You Go for Eyebrow Threading

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EyebrEre used to maintaining a stylish brow appearance, or you’re looking for a signature look. Originating from Asia, eyebrow threading has been well known to be a simple procedure that is frequently considered to be one of the least painful choices when it comes to shaping eyebrows. For centuries, Asians have used eyebrow threading as the primary method for hair removal.

The procedure involves applying cotton thread over hair, which hastily rips each hair follicle out of the skin pores. Well, it doesn’t sound fun, but it is less painful than all the other methods available. Many people who have used eyebrow threading before have said they would actually do it again and that it is worth it. It seems like eyebrow threading is the most brutal hair removal procedure out there right now, even though it could be argued it is not if you consider using wax or pulling single hairs.

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In the meantime, here are some crucial things you need to know before you go for the procedure.

Your Brows Get an Accurate Finish

When you talk about eyebrow threading, you need to understand that the process is all about accuracy. Even the smallest hair is ripped out of the hair follicle. No single hair is left behind after you go through the process. Also, threading will allow you control over which hairs should be ripped out and which shouldn’t. This process is accurate in shaping your brows. You could get sharp eyebrows if you decided to tread carefully.

Easier to Maintain

Eyebrow threading can eliminate all unwanted hairs as fast as possible, unlike tweezing, which fails to remove the shorter half-grown follicles. Most professionals who are specialists in eyebrow threading can attest to this. Maintaining your eyebrows is easier when you use eyebrow threading over any other method. After the process, the hair will grow at the right size and at the same time. So, you won’t need your tweezers or check-in at a shop for tweezing every week. Usually, most people prefer to maintain their eyebrows with tweezers after weeks of eyebrow threading. But most professionals recommend clients to check in after a month or two to shape their eyebrows.

Brow Threading Doesn’t Hurt

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In America, several people don’t use the eyebrow threading because of the unusual feeling after going through the procedure. Most clients have described the feeling to be strange but not painful after undergoing eyebrow threading. If you’re not sure or nervous, you can request the threading specialist to test the tool on the small hairs growing on your hand. After you’ve tried it, you will be convinced to try it. Some people who have tested eyebrow threading have never used other methods again.

It Has a Similar Price to Waxing

It’s always fantastic news to switch from waxing to eyebrow threading. First, it is less painful than waxing. Second, it will make sure even the tiniest small hairs will be plucked out. And thirdly, the price is similar to waxing in most Brow shops. For example, the standard 10-minute eyebrow shaping will cost an average of $27, identical to the conventional eyebrow waxing.

It’s Faster

Several brow experts have the ability to shape your brows quickly. You won’t get to worry about whether you will get to your next appointment on time. The whole procedure takes an average of 10 minutes. Some clients expect to sit there for long hours, but they’re surprised when it takes 10 minutes to get the brows shaped. If your eyebrows are in excellent condition, you will be done in less time.

It’s the Calmest Procedure

It is less likely that you will get irritated during this process since the hair is getting plucked, and the skin isn’t affected. Your skin won’t get strained or pulled. Eyebrow threading is also gentle on skin that is prone to acne. So, if eyebrow waxing tends to make your skin harsher or red for long periods of time, then you might opt for eyebrow threading which tends to be gentle on the skin. It doesn’t leave marks.

Save It for Facial Hair Only

Just like your eyebrows, threading is the only excellent choice when it comes to hair removal of any facial hair. It’s not a great option when you want to remove hair on any other part of your body because of its accuracy. Also, it might take a very long time to get your hair ripped. It isn’t something anyone would try to do. Waxing or laser is preferred for other parts of the body.